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How Long Does a Porcelain Crown Last?

Porcelain crowns are the most common type of dental restoration. This article will address how long they last. Porcelain crowns can be made out of different materials, but the most common kind uses porcelain fused to metal (PFM). In order to understand how long they last, it’s important to first know what they do and how they’re used.

Understanding the Difference Between Natural Teeth and Fixed Bridges

While natural teeth have some level of strength, it’s not impossible to crack or break them, particularly if you bite down on something hard or experience trauma. With fixed bridges, though, there is nothing natural about them. They are completely artificial and essentially put in place as part of a prosthetic device. While some people like to claim that fixed bridges offer more durability than natural teeth (which might or might not be true), there is no denying that they are much stronger—there’s just one problem:

They don’t last forever either. Even fixed bridges will eventually need to be replaced with new crowns. It all comes down to longevity, which is why it’s important for patients looking at different dental options to understand how long each procedure will last. Here are a few answers to common questions patients have when evaluating what type of crown procedures they want performed: How long does a porcelain crown last? 6-10 years – Porcelain crowns can lose their shape over time, chip or fracture. They cannot be repaired once broken. Typically, these types of repairs cannot withstand chewing forces without fracturing again and necessitating another replacement procedure sooner rather than later. How long does an amalgam or all-metal crown last?

A Good Candidate for a Porcelain Crown

If you have one or more teeth with significant decay, cracks, chips, or weakened enamel that can’t be repaired with fillings, crowns may be your best solution. The lifespan of your crown depends on many factors including care and dental hygiene. On average, a porcelain crown can last anywhere from eight to 25 years. If you take good care of your mouth and go to your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings you could get another decade out of it. Check out our tips below to make sure you keep them in tip-top shape! 2–3 Year Lifespan: When worn correctly and cleaned routinely, your crowns should stay in good condition for two to three years before beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

This is normal for a permanent restoration as long as you’ve been treating it like any other tooth in your mouth (brushing twice daily, flossing once a day). Remember that not everyone is able to brush their teeth twice per day — so if brushing isn’t an option ask about medication options like fluoride rinses available over-the-counter at drug stores or prescription fluoride treatments available at your local pharmacy. These products are specifically made to fight tooth decay.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

If you’re looking for a dentist in Fort Worth to handle your dental crowns, there are certain things you should consider before scheduling an appointment. Make sure you feel comfortable with your dentist, as they will be seeing you often and working on your teeth. You also want to make sure that they have experience working with dental crowns, as well as proper sterilization and hygiene protocols. Finding a qualified, experienced specialist is important so that you know your oral health is in good hands!

Materials Used in Porcelain Crowns

Dental porcelains come in different qualities, with basic porcelains being more porous and therefore more prone to wear and staining.

High-Quality Restorations: High-quality dental porcelains will generally last between 10–20 years on your teeth while zirconia restorations will usually last longer than 20 years without requiring replacement. There’s also a possibility of damage occurring to your restoration as well; these two things combined make it very likely that you’ll need to get a new crown at some point during your life.

What Are the Benefits of Getting A Porcelain Crown?

They are essentially like artificial teeth because they will look like your normal teeth and feel like them too. The text below will answer all your questions regarding porcelain crowns so read on!

Understanding Porcelain Crowns: There are many people who do not know what porcelain crowns are.

The Procedure of Getting a Porcelain Crown

Getting a crown is quite simple. The dentist will first examine your tooth and then take an impression of it to send off to their lab.

Post-op Care

The most important thing is regular checkups; without routine cleaning, plaque can build up and erode your porcelain crown.

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