How localization process works to globalize your business

Localization—An introduction 

Professional Localization services are important to expand the businesses overseas. Localization of a product should be as original as if it was launched for the target audience only.

It requires a whole process and the contribution of localization experts. Taking business globally and presenting a product that is more than a simple translation is impossible without having an effective localization strategy and process.

How localization works 

Localization involves a process that is about the adaption and changes in a website and digital platform according to a new region. Additionally, it is about business norms and cultural aspects.

A localized product should be as good as the original product. It should reflect an original and new product according to the target culture and audiences.

Localization works with the cultural aspects and nuances. It also takes into account the regional humor, customs, traditions, and ironies along with legal and other linguistic requirements. Professional localization services can be availed for apps, websites, video games, and other digital platforms.

However, it is important that the company is competent and has a capable team of translators and localization experts to deal with all types of localization challenges. 

To make the changes and adapt these according to legal, cultural, and other requirements of the new region, localization experts must be competent and certified. It is important so that they can cope with the hurdles and hindrances professionally.

Selection of translation company 

The companies should ensure that the translation company hired has its translators and localization all over the world. They should pair the company with expert, professional and native localizers so that they have the minute details of the target audiences and cultures. 

They should present an end product that the audience not only apprehends well but also appreciates.

Professional website localization services

Website localization is the basic key. People often take it as website translation. However, translation is a process of website localization. 

The localization of a website is different, and it’s not all about the translated word for word text. Neither a mechanical conversion of text can leave any good impact on the target audiences.

Website localization is about a full website translation makeover. The content on the website needs to be translated and localized in a way that clears a transparent and original message to the target audiences. 

The experts should also present products in a way that resonates with the audience and they find it relatable. The colors, images, font, and design of the website should be transformed in a way that appeals to the consumers and potential masses in the best way possible.

Technicalities of website localization 

Website localization is not an easy and simple process. It is rather technical and involves technical steps. This includes the user interface of the website and reformatting it to make it more relevant to the new users. 

It has to include the date and time format with currency, reading direction, and placements of the tabs and buttons. Website localization should be done in a way that is professional and appealing. 

The localization has to be done according to the requirements and preferences of the target market. For instance, for Chinese localization services, it is better to hire a Chinese translation company for the work.

The process of localization

The process of localization required a lot more effort and is far ahead of simple content and website translation. In order to make it accurate and with the consideration of cultural acceptance with every content item and other elements of the project, it is important that project managers with relevant expertise are there to take care of it.

Here is a brief guide map about how localization works.

Content analysis

First of all, it is important for the localization experts to ensure they have analyzed the content the right way possible. It includes examining all elements of a product and extracting the part that requires adaption and modification.

Content management

It is extremely important to manage the content well and balanced way. The balanced presentation of content is important for a good overview and tempting landing page.

The comparison of the original format with the original language and target language is the prerequisite of managing the content. Words and characters differ with the languages. Many languages take more space than others.

3-step execution of translation process

The basic three steps of translation include

  • Handing over the content to translators and translating the project according to the project.
  • Sending the first draft to edit so that he can edit and make it presentable.
  • Sending finally to the proofreader so that he can tweak and tailor it further to make it more presentable to the audiences. They also ensure that the content is translate in a way that adheres with the localization aspects.

Desktop publishing

The next step of localization includes desktop publishing. It is essential to ensure that the visual signs and impact match the message and with the content that has been adapt newly.

Converting it back

It further leads to the process of back conversion. It involves the content that is convert back into its original format.

Fast turnaround

The localization experts then check and run the project at this stage. It is important to check the quality and execution. They also need to run it so that they can scan for the errors if any and the languages and other modified elements.

In-context QC

An in-context quality check is also important to ensure that the conversion of text has not made the files corrupt or created any ambiguities.


This is the final execution. After all the checks, it is sent to the owner, and they further examine it for any issues and technical glitches. Once they approve, the process gets complete.

Final words

Localization is an important step to globalize business ventures. However, before getting start, it is important that business people know how it works. 

Right and professional localization partner can make things and execution quite smooth. Therefore, it is important that business owners and entrepreneurs are also well aware of the basic process of localization.

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