How Live Commerce Is Transforming Travel Industry

Live streaming has become one of the most trending things in recent years. As the technology started revolutionizing every industry including live streaming commerce that has been constantly expanding. Live streaming commerce in return has also influenced the travel industry too.

Both tourists and the host (resort owners) have started incorporating live commerce to broadcast online. Different apps and platforms enable these travelers to live stream online, whether it is about a resort, wedding destination or about local surroundings. Hence travel brands and companies have marked a place for themselves by uncovering the live streaming niche.

With the help of live streaming, your prospects or clients who are away from you can also enjoy the beauty of the place while you are streaming and which gives them confidence about the quality of travel services. With the help of these live streaming platforms, you can simply capture the best live videos of your resorts which depicts authenticity.

Live commerce has become successful already and let’s see how these live streaming is going to transform the travel industry:

Less Requirement for Long Written Reviews

There is no need for holiday planners to sit and continuously write lengthy blogs and emails to attract other tourists. Furthermore taking millions of photographs and then choosing the best takes a lot of time but with a live streaming platform, you can directly show the beauty of a place by streaming online to tourists.

With the help of Live streams focusing on the resorts/ hotels, sight-seeing, and other excursions people feel close to a place which influences their decision making to book a resort or an accommodation.

Can Express Experiences More Vividly

Livestream e-commerce can help you inspire viewers about the possibilities of a trip. The live videos depict the natural view of a destination directly to viewers and thus they can experience the aura of a place more vividly through a stream. Additionally having a travel influencer over your stream can boost your business.

On-the-go access to live entertainment

Live streaming has definitely made customer experience much better and entertaining and hence there is no doubt that Livestream eCommerce has helped the travel industry offer travel products to prospects via a real-time interactive environment. With the help of video commerce, you can also connect with your viewers allowing them to see every bit of what you are streaming and you can also foster engagement by interacting with your viewers over the stream.

Live streaming offers a new kind of trip-planner

As live streaming video has become a mainstream trip planning tool during the recent pandemic times. Companies and brands that are offering the live experiences of travel during the pandemic are the new potential market survivors. Today people can virtually watch different locations by sitting at their homes with the help of a live commerce platform.

People are often scared of traveling to a new location but live streaming videos can help to eradicate that fear from travelers. The fear of the unknown place fades away when you have already seen and known all of these earlier while watching various videos of hidden gems across the world.

Hence to sustain in the market these travel agents, holiday resorts, airline operators, and all types of travel and tourism brands must switch over to live streaming platforms.


To make your live streaming event successful all you need to do is to choose the right live commerce platform for your brand that fulfills all your needs such as grabbing clients’ attention, hosting intimate tours, collaborating with travel guides, influencers, etc which will foster engagement and boost sales. Live streaming eCommerce boomed unexpectedly during the lockdown and now big brands are realizing that it should be adopted as a permanent change to offer a better travel experience.

These live streaming videos that have taken over various industries including fashion, beauty, cosmetics, food, and travel, etc have given a lesson to other industries to adopt this technology to attain success. live streaming solution will help your brand or business to grow and serve your customers with the best live video streaming platform in the most effective manner. Our solution not only offers you a platform but it can also help your brand to distinguish itself from the crowded social scene and also track user engagement via analytics.

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