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How is the Prestashop Booking and Rental System the best module?

The Prestashop Booking and Rental System by Knowband is an online reservation system. Customers can also book hourly services and lease items straight through their web store. The PrestaShop rental module gives your business a user-friendly online booking system. Furthermore, customers will be able to book in advance with their desired schedules and amenities. So, without any further ado, let’s get this amazing feature added to your business.

The Prestashop Booking System enables online customers to plan a variety of activities. For example, a hotel reservation service, a daily rental commodity, hourly rental items, or a daily rental commodity. The Prestashop Event Booking Addon allows you to construct unique schedules depending on your consumers’ requirements. In fact, you can customize the product page by adding descriptions, benefits, features, and more. In addition, the PrestaShop hotel booking system is popular for scheduling goods. As a result, more customers will visit the website.

So what does the Prestashop module offer?

Appointment system:

You can effectively control your bookings with the Prestashop Event Booking Addon. With this PrestaShop Booking and Rental system addition, you can supply consumers with different sorts of services. Home service and branch visits, to be specific. Consumers should be allowed to choose the workplace they choose to work in. Furthermore, house help might be beneficial if you give services such as equipment repair, salon, and so on. Although, if you own a facility, branch visits are useful. You can allow individuals to arrange consultations if you are a specialist, physician, or dentist, for instance. Also, pay a visit to your place. Your plan will define the sort of administration you use.

  1. Decide on the days on which individuals can make plans.
  2. Evaluate how much time you’ll have to depend on your availability.
  3. Set the underlying cost of reserving a room.

Hotel reservation system:

Large numbers of hotel reservations are made for excursions or special events. Do you own or manage a hotel? Additionally, would you like to promote it on your PrestaShop store so that visitors may simply reserve rooms? The best choice is to use the PrestaShop Booking and Rental system.

  • Include the name of your lodge as well as a brief description.
  • Add classes to your rooms to make them more structured.
  • Add a room type to the mix. For example, single, double, estimated king, measured queen, and so on.
  • Include hotels ranging from 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, to 5 stars.

    Rental System:

  1. A product or service can be rented for a fraction of the cost of acquiring it. As a result, the rental assistance market has seen considerable growth over the last decade. Hourly and daily rentals are available through the Prestashop Booking and Rental System.
  2. Hourly rental help is suitable for customers who only want assistance for a short time. These are mostly car and bike rental services where you rent a car or a bike to people on an ongoing basis.
  3. Renting your goods for a few days is what daily rental help implies.
  4. The Prestashop rental module follows a comparative cycle when it comes to agreements.

Perks of the Prestashop Booking and Rental System by Knowband

  1. You can build an infinite number of various types of goods with the Prestashop Event Booking plugin. Bookings, daily rentals, hourly rentals, and hotel accommodations are just a few examples.
  2. In the Prestashop booking system, you can create a variety of booking room kinds and booking room categories. They can link to various hotel rooms.
  3. You can create hotel and room-level features using the Prestashop Rental module. They can also link to individual reservation rooms or leasing operations.
  4. The convenient and straightforward interface of the Prestashop Booking System makes it simple to oversee orders for products, appointments, daily rental, and hourly rental services.
  5. You can adjust the name, product reference, brief & medium descriptions for the scheduling item with this Prestashop Event Booking plugin.
  6. You can mark items as used, reconditioned, or new using our Online Booking System.
  7. Using the Prestashop Reservation And Reserving Module, you can adjust the product categorization and conventional categorization for reservation items or rental services in your store.
  8. Prestashop Reservation And Booking’s rental service can be either a residential or a branch service.
  9. Using the Prestashop Booking Calendar plugin, you can set the available product quantity per appointment, rental service, or lodging booking service.
  10. The dynamic price analysis mechanism in the Prestashop Event Booking addon calculates the starting and end prices for the rental service or booking product.
  11. Using Prestashop Booking System’s booking items on the frontend, you can add and exhibit plenty of photographs as you like. In addition, any picture is usable as a cover image.
  12. Prestashop’s Service Booking module enables you to create custom timetables for a range of booking items.
  13. The Prestashop Booking Calendar plugin pins a regional map to every booking good or service in your business.
  14. There are flash reduction promotions and other unique bargains with booking things and consultations on the front end.
  15. You can simply create and manage new unique price rules from the backend of this Prestashop Event Booking plugin.
  16. You can quickly activate and deactivate the Prestashop Booking and Rental System addon’s whole features from the backend.
  17. The entire Online Booking System is mobile-friendly, as it is built on the Prestashop Booking System.
  18. The Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module work with a variety of dialects and stores.

The bottom line!

Knowband’s Prestashop Booking and Rental System is a wonderful alternative that allows you to provide a plethora of facilities to your consumers. The Prestashop Booking and Rental System is really functional option for every eCommerce business. In fact, the module features numerous highlights that are configurable. In addition to those highlights, there are multiple benefits that I have included in the blog. At Knowband, you can find out the Admin Demo, Front Demo, and the User Manual. Further, these aspects provide you with additional information for your better understanding. Last, if you still have doubts about the Prestashop Booking and Rental System by Knowband, let them know at

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