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How is the OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension helpful for your business during the holiday season?

So, the holiday season is in full swing right now. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just over, the most awaited holiday is not very far. Thus, you should start preparing for Christmas now. The OpenCart gift card manager extension by Knowband is the right option for you right now. Make the most out of the holiday season by including a gift card section on your online store. Further, Knowband’s OpenCart gift card system module not only helps you increase holiday sales. It also assists you to get new customers for your eCommerce company.

The OpenCart send gift card extension allows your buyers to shop gift cards. Furthermore, send customized and appealing gift cards to their loved ones. The OpenCart gift module provides appealing gift card templates for a variety of important events. For instance, Halloween, Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, and Valentine’s Day. Thus, this holiday season, you may not only enhance your holiday sales. In addition, also the reach of your business by using the OpenCart Gift Card extension. Knowband will provide you with three months of free technical assistance as part of the extension.

This blog talks about the ways in which the OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband is helpful. Let us now take a look at them below.

The OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin allows you to display the gift card section

The very first thing that the OpenCart gift card module by Knowband does is to allow you to display a section on the front end. Further, you can simply showcase your collection of gift cards on your website. In fact, you can decide where to display the section anywhere on the webstore. You can decide the place where you think and know that the customers will easily find it. Moreover, even if they are not there for gift cards, they can consider buying one depending on the occasion. The Gift Cards link can be placed in the header menu, on the left sidebar, the store footer, and the My Account area are all available.

The OpenCart gift card manager extension allows multiple creations of gift cards

If you take a look at Amazon, you will see that the gift card section has countless gift cards. In fact, several gift cards for a single occasion. For instance, for Christmas, there’ll be at least 10 gift cards. Further, with different layouts and designs. Thus, you can also do that with the OpenCart gift cards module by Knowband. You can easily create as many gift cards as you want to for all the different holidays of the season. In fact, it is not only for the holiday season but for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and more.

The Gift Card Module for OpenCart allows adding a personalized image on the gift card

Do you want your customers to feel loved while they shop? Let them add images to their gift cards with the OpenCart gift card extension. Further, when customers are trying to find a gift card that they want to buy, let them customize and personalize it, How? By letting them add a single image to the gift card makes them feel personal. Thus, this will be something that they feel close to. Moreover, you will build a strong relationship with that particular customer. This will lead to a positive promotion through word of mouth. Hence, brand loyalty increases.

Thus, these are the ways with which the OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband is helpful for your eCommerce business. Furthermore, let us take a look at the features of the OpenCart gift card system module below.

Features of the OpenCart gift card manager extension by Knowband

Inclusion of gift card section in the website

A retailer may use the extension to add a gift card section to their online store. Furthermore, where customers may get gift vouchers for their friends and family.

Easy installation and configuration of the OpenCart gift module

The Knowband OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension is easier to construct and configure. Further, requires no major code. It may also be engaged or deactivated from the backend with a single click.

Insertion of customized message

By utilizing the extension while purchasing gift vouchers, customers may add a special message to their gift cards.

Customizable email template

Using the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin admin interface, the online store may quickly change the wording of the notification email.

Addition of title and description in the gift card

The store administrator may utilize the admin panel of the plugin to offer a clever title and description of the gift voucher design.

Customers can upload customized photos on gift cards

With the OpenCart Gift Card plugin, the company owner may upload personalized photographs and create as many unique gift card layouts as he wants. Customers may now use this capability to upload custom images and create customized gift cards directly from the website.

The delivery gap in the days

Using the OpenCart Gift Card extension, the eCommerce website may set the number of days between buying the gift cards and getting them.

In the End

Offering gift cards may not only be beneficial for your eCommerce company, but it can also provide your consumers with the finest shopping experience possible on your website. Customers like gift cards because they will not have to worry about and choose the right gift for their loved ones, and the recipient of the gift card has the flexibility to buy anything from the business.

You may start selling gift cards on your online store with Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension and earn a significant amount of money, especially during the holidays. The extension adds a Gift Card panel to your eCommerce website, allowing your customers to purchase and send customized gift cards to their loved ones. You may not only increase your store’s revenue but also get new consumers for your online business by using the OpenCart Gift Card extension. To know further about the OpenCart Gift Card module or have any queries related to it, feel free to get in touch with us at

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