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How I Spent Memorable Vacations In Singapore?

Hello guys, I am Angelica Reyn. I am a passionate traveller as I like to spend my spare time by doing short tours. Recently, I went on a brief tour to Singapore. My visit to this nation brought a lot of memories to me. I collected these memories after enjoying multiple water sports activities and visiting monuments in the island nation. I shared my travel itinerary with my travel social network on the Paryat app.

You guys can check my tour itinerary by searching ‘Angelica Reyn’ on the Paryat app. Based on your search results, you guys can find my profile. In the itinerary section of my profile, I shared everything about my tour, which you guys will find helpful when you plan your tour to these destinations.

In the Paryat app, I shared my travel itinerary in the form of images and maps, so the textual explanation of these becomes a must. This is why I am sharing my experience here as well. So, keep reading the post to learn about activities I enjoyed on my recent tour to Singapore.

Tour Beginning

I started from Sentosa Gateway, Singapore, on the first day of my tour. Sentosa is one of the leading leisure destinations in Asia. This island region is located only 15 minutes away from the central economic zone of Singapore.

On Sentosa Island, there are many places which attract tourists’ attention. I personally get mesmerised by the experience that I had in this place. The first place I visited on Sentosa island was the Singapore Universal Studios.

Singapore Universal Studios

This place is also known as the heaven for thrill-seekers, as visitors can enjoy 20+ fantastic roller coaster rides. This place is also a popular shooting destination for filmmakers, as hundreds of blockbuster movies and TV series have been shot here.

During my visit, I, too, witnessed the shooting of a few movies. Well, rather than spending my time on filmmaking, I preferred to enjoy roller coaster rides, which brought me a fantastic experience.

Speaking about my expenditure at this location, I spent around $50 on enjoying various rides.

Singapore Sea Aquarium

The next destination on my tour was the Singapore sea aquarium, whose details I mentioned on the online trip planning app – Paryat. This aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. The design and construction of this aquarium provide a 360-degree and 4D multi-sensory shipwreck simulation to visitors. In addition, the marine animals, which number around 100,000, reside here. These animals constitute about 800 species belonging to 50+ marine habitation.

In this place, I spent around $25 learning about the marine ecosystem.

Cove Waterpark

The waterpark is the perfect place for enjoying thrilling water activities. I enjoyed a lot of water adventure rides, such as tube rides, underwater swimming, spiral whirlpools, aquatic stunts, and a lot more. According to locals, any visitor who misses visiting the Cove waterpark misses out on the significant thrill of their visit. I myself experienced the same when I marked my visit to this place. The best part is that I enjoyed it a lot with only a minimum expenditure of $40.

Second Destination 

After spending the first three days of my tour at Sentosa Gateway, I reached the Siloso Beach Walk on the fourth day. With my travel social network, I shared the details of my visit to this place in a picturesque manner. Well, places that I visited or activities that I enjoyed at this location involves:

Skyline Luge:

This is a good place to enjoy adventure rides. The best thing about these rides available here is the speed regulation. This means riders can easily control and regulate the speed through a hand-lever in the riding vehicle. I enjoyed these rides by spending $20 on them.

IFLY Singapore

IFLY Singapore is the world’s largest wind tunnel popular for indoor skydiving. Here, visitors can turn their dreams of flying into a reality. Here, I enjoyed the experience of flying as high as around 50 feet high. I shared my flying experience on the Paryat itinerary planner app. The cost to fly in the flying zone depends on the kind of membership that one subscribes here. I spent a total of $42 to enjoy the flying hours.

Third Destination 

The next part of my tour destination was the 30 Beach view. The details of which involve the following:

Sentosa Merlion

It is a legendary creature depicting a lion’s head and a fish body. The statue is considered the guardian of prosperity in the island nation. You cannot say you have completed your Singapore tour without visiting this statue. This was why I visited this statue and learnt why people consider this statue an important part of their culture. The statue depicted a water ray coming from the mouth of the creature.

Wings Of Time Sentosa

During my visit, a night show was going on in the beach area. The show’s theme was so splendid that it could win awards if nominated. At first, I thought it was an occasional show. However, I found it is a permanent night show that attracts many beach visitors. The overall cost involving the entry fees to this spellbinding show was $15.

Final Destination of My Tour 

After visiting three destinations on the island nation, I finally reached the last stop of my short tour and I visited the following places:

Harbourfront Ave

This is the starting point for a 5km long aerial link between Mt. Faber to Sentosa. This aerial link soaks within itself the 360-degree view of the beautiful scenery displaying the greenery and nightlife of the island nation. Here, I spent a total of $30.

Trick Eye Museum

Travel Social Network

This is an 800 sq m museum with six zones dedicated to different themes. It is also the world’s first and the only interactive 4D museum that carries elements of Singapore’s culture. Here, I spent $25 to view the artwork of the Singapore region. With this visit, I concluded my short vacation to the island nation.

Well, this was all about my short trip to the island nation. I suggest you guys add these sites to your travel itineraries whenever you visit Singapore. It will be very good if my followers on the Paryat travel social network share their travel itineraries on the app. It is because regular sharing helps others plan short vacations to have some fun.

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