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How Eco-Friendly Mats Can Help You?

Consumers are placing greater importance on reducing their carbon emissions. They recycle more and use public transport. This includes how they choose which products to buy, and which companies they should do business with. According to recent research, companies that practice sustainable business practices and are more environmentally friendly will have more customers and loyal customers. Green-conscious customers can be attracted to your company’s facilities and offices by using Recycled Mats Australia.

Eco-friendly mats allow individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and enhance their sustainability initiatives. Some include tiles made from old tires and models that are made up of 100 percent recycled PET bottles. Our eco mats have a skid-resistant backing made of recycled rubber tires, which is 20 percent. 

Eco-Friendly Mat Options Include:

Waterhog Eco Prim. Waterhog ECO Premier, one of the best eco-friendly floor mats available today, has a crush-resistant Diamond pattern and straight ridge designs that aggressively trap dirt and moisture below its walking surface.

Waterhog Eco Elite. Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, the mat’s weatherproof polyester fabric can be used outdoors. It is perfect for outdoor applications and moderates to heavy traffic areas. Its Water Dam technology holds up to 1.5 gallons!

Rubber Scraper Mat. This mat is 100 percent made from Nitrile rubber. The raised rubber cleats trap dirt below the mat’s surface and clean up foot traffic.

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier. This mat comes in a half-oval form to match the first two steps outside or inside a doorway. This trendy half-oval front doormat is an elegant alternative to other types.

Reason To Have

Increase Safety

Do you panic when your baby falls while learning new walking skills? 

Rugs are excellent for cushioning the steps of our feet, reducing falls and injuries when they do happen. It is a safety precaution for all ages, but particularly for children and the elderly.

Rugs are a great way to reduce injuries due to slippage in your home. If you have children who live in the home and there is a long hallway, you might consider adding a rug to protect them. If you notice that your floor is slippery, you may want to cover it with a rug.

You can place liners underneath the rugs if necessary to keep them in place. To absorb water after showering and prevent slips, you can add a bathmat.

Cover Imperfections

It’s possible to cover a floor with a rug if it has cracks or other problems. These rugs should blend in well with the rest of the furniture. You can take your wall-to-wall carpeting with you when you move, but you have the option to bring your rugs.

Covering a part of your floor with a rug is a good idea if there’s an unsightly stain or any other wood defect. Your landlord should be notified if your floor is damaged. To avoid slippage, any floor hazards must be repaired and not covered up.

Even if your rental property is not for sale, you still want to make sure that it looks good and you can show it off. Sometimes floors in rental homes are less expensive and can have imperfections. Rugs can hide imperfections and make floors seem more practical.

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