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How does the Admin benefit from the Prestashop Marketplace Gold plan Addon?

Have you often given thought to the fact that the eCommerce industry keeps changing? In fact, with the changing trend, you also have to change with it? Further, have you considered transforming your store into a marketplace? There are practically two ways of transforming your store from a single-vendor to a multi-seller platform. You can either choose the basic Prestashop marketplace module or invest in the PrestaShop Marketplace Gold Plan.

Now, you might ask about the difference between the two options. Furthermore, the former is a basic version. It has no module integration. Thus, if you want to add another functionality to your marketplace, you have to buy that plugin individually. Furthermore, install it. On the other hand, the Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace PrestaShop Addon comes with a set of modules. You will not have to buy any other module in addition to this one. Hence, you now know why it is the gold plan.

So, the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon by Knowband is a functional way of transforming your business. You can easily convert the store into a marketplace in simple steps. Additionally, lets you handle the activities of the marketplace effortlessly.

In this blog, let us take a look at the benefits of the Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan for the admin. In addition, we will touch on the eCommerce plugins available in the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan.

Merits of the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon by Knowband

Creation of a functional marketplace

The very benefit of the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon is that it creates a functional platform. When we say functional, it means that the admin finds it is easy to manage everything. Further, starting from the seller registrations to managing payout requests and tracking happens easily. We know that creating a marketplace like eBay or Amazon is tricky. However, handling it is even more difficult. With the PrestaShop Marketplace Gold Plan, things become easy-peasy.

The management of the sellers and activities is effortless

There is a LOT to handle when it comes to the marketplace. Furthermore, the admin needs to keep an eye on everything. Monitoring every activity as well. For instance, the commissions, the product listing fee, the membership plans, order tracking, and so much more is there. The admin has to keep an eye on every single detail. Therefore, with the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon, he can. With the Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan, he has control over every aspect. Moreover, he can effortlessly handle it all without worrying too much.

The shop administrator is in charge of commissions

On the platforms, the administrator is the only one who matters. As a result, he is in complete control of the situation. To begin, calculate how much commission each order will cost you. The commission can alternatively be set at a fixed amount or based on a percentage. In reality, it is the responsibility of each seller to pay the commission to the administrator.

Subscription schemes are being used to enhance income

The administrator of Prestashop can create membership plans. Here’s a simple explanation for people who don’t know what this is. Vendors pay for membership or subscription programs when they choose a way to market their items. As a consequence, the administrator can develop a variety of vendor membership programs. Traders can also pick any scheme and begin trading straight immediately.

It’s simple to deal with claims for payment

Payment claims from sellers are crucial for the administrator. When a user makes a purchase, the funds are immediately sent to the administrator. In addition, the owner gets paid a share of the commission as well as additional compensation. It also distributes the remaining funds to the vendor. As a result, he has the option of doing the procedure manually or digitally.

In the Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace PrestaShop Addon, the admin can employ a variety of modules

The Marketplace Gold Plan for PrestaShop is a more powerful version of the marketplace. It has a bevy of little add-ons that enhance the overall experience. They simultaneously serve the admin, sellers, and customers. In the PrestaShop Marketplace Gold Plan, there are more than 6 modules obtainable. As a result, the administrator has more expertise in maintaining and operating the platform.

For a better understanding, you can now take a look at the smaller modules available in the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon.

  • Module for Low Stock Alerts

This allows the administrator to rapidly notify customers when items they’ve subscribed for are out of stock.

  • Import/export of CSV files

With the help of this plugin, sellers may swiftly upload products in bulk using the CSV import feature.

  • Ticket Add-on for Customers and Sellers

Shoppers can utilize this alternative to get in touch with suppliers if they have any queries or issues.

  • Deal Manager

Vendors may utilize this feature to offer appealing deals and discounts on their products via an interface.

  • Invoice from the seller

Merchants can generate invoices using the module’s capabilities. On the invoice, the vendor may also put his or her name and logo.

  • Ticketing System for Admins and Sellers

This feature facilitates communication between the seller and the administration.

  • Review Reminder¬†and¬†Incentive

By immediately providing updates to the admin, customers may offer feedback on their things and solutions. In reality, users are compensated handsomely for offering product feedback.

  • Multi-vendor marketplace

The most central principle of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan is that it permits the manager to convert a single-seller store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

In the End

Thus, this is all about the Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace PrestaShop Addon by Knowband. You can contact us at for all your queries.

Knowband is an excellent place to get eCommerce plugins. In fact, when it comes to the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Gold plan Addon, Knowband is offering a 20% discount. Additionally, you will receive a 22 percent discount on your purchase. How? By using the HNY22 Coupon Code. What are your thoughts? Take a look around the Knowband store to learn more about the Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace PrestaShop Addon. The Admin Demo, Front Demo, and User Manual are all available on the product website. They can also be quite useful if you want to have a deeper grasp of the plugin. In reality, the user manual makes it simple to set up and configure the addon. You may also make changes in the admin demo to see how they appear on the front end. Check them out right now!

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