How do you open a door without your keys?

Faced with the rush of daily life, it is pretty common for each of us to lose or forget our bunch of keys somewhere. You only notice it when you are on your doorstep. The race against time to get to work, the fear of arriving late for an appointment, and missing the train or the bus make us slam the door even though the key is still inside. The small unconscious gestures of everyday life or unpredictable facts like gusts of wind can put us in a stupid and unpleasant situation: to be in front of your door but not to enter. Here you are blocked outside your house with the risk of remaining there for a more or less long time if you do not know a technique of locksmithing or opening a door without a key.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry. We present here some easy tips to help you get out of it, especially with the help of a locksmith.

Techniques to open a door without keys

If, once in front of your house, you realize that you have lost your keys, above all, do not panic. Instead, tell yourself that there is always a solution to your problem. Before thinking about having your lock replaced, use simple things within your reach to try to open your door. Remember that there are no wrong ways to open your door when you lose your keys.

In case you want to play the Macgyver and not resort to the services of a professional locksmith in Tampa, here we offer you more or less simple methods to help you get home.

A hairpin

If you’re particularly handy with your hands, you can fix your door with a bobby pin and hook. This technique has a good chance of succeeding if your door is closed with a padlock or an ordinary lock. To do this, take a hairpin. First, open it to 900, then cut it in half. Next, insert the hook into the lock while exerting light pressure with your thumb to stabilize it. Then place the pin on the top of the lock. At the same time, you are turning the hook following the lock’s opening direction wiggle the pin’s end. After a few moments, you will be able to unlock your lock.

A loyalty card

If you have a loyalty card with you, you can use it to open your door. Slide the card on the bolt of your lock, between the doorframe and the door. Shake the door. Make her tremble by lightly kicking her. At the same time, wave your loyalty card up and down where you inserted it. Be aware that this technique is only applicable if the door is slammed and not locked. If you have your credit card and not a loyalty card, give up this technique because you will surely break it.

The hammer

If you have a hammer at your disposal, you can hit with all your might on the handle or the door if it is not armored. The hammer is the most radical and surest method that guarantees your door’s immediate opening with the destruction of the lock. Unfortunately, with this technique, you risk, in addition to changing your keys, changing your door because of the gaping hole.

Radio technology

Yes, you are not dreaming! You can easily open a door with an X-ray if it is slammed but not double-locked. This technique is the most popular with locksmiths. Because the resistance and flexibility, in addition to the finesse of this material, allow a door to be opened without risk to the lock. If by chance, therefore, you have a radio with you, or you can get one from one of your immediate neighbors at the fateful moment, here is the process you will follow to open your door.

Insert the radio between the doorframe and the bolt. Then, quickly and lightly kick or kick the base of the door to make it vibrate. The vibration will cause the radio to slide on the bolt, push it towards its housing and thus allow the door to open. This method is also effective for an armored door if not locked.

If you can’t get an x-ray, a sheet of hard plastic or a coke bottle could also help you out. Cut out the coke bottle to have a part that you will use to replace the plastic sheet. This technique is even more effective if you can get some lubricant and put some on the radio or the plastic sheet. You can also use penetrating oil of the WD40 type and make a small application on the half-opening of the door. It will make the lock more mobile.

A drill

If you are a good handyman and your door is equipped with a 5-pin cylinder, a drill is essential for you.

Drill 2mm below the slot where the key passes. This operation destroys the cylinders. These small steel rods mounted on springs fix the locks. You can then turn the cylinder on itself with the flat tip of a screwdriver and thus open your door. If it doesn’t work, there are also other cylinders on the left and right of the lock. In this case, the entire barrel must be destroyed.

If you can afford one, get a nightingale. It’s a tool that looks like a gun but works with batteries. You pull the trigger. It will activate seven or eight thin metal rods that will enter the lock cylinder’s tips. You turn. And There you go! Your door opens as if you owned the original key.

Contact a locksmith

If none of the attempts proposed here did not work, we advise you to turn to professionals. It is also the most straightforward and most immediate solution. Only a locksmith can provide you with quick and damage-free repairs. You can also use multi-functional craftsmen (locksmithing, glazing, electricity) who generally do this work at more affordable prices. For residents of the capital, you can contact a locksmith Tampa.

Means of prevention

No one is immune to this kind of inconvenience. Anyone can misplace their keys at any time without being prepared for it. Nevertheless, here are some tips that you might find helpful.

  • Have a copy of your key made, which you will entrust to someone close to you or to someone you trust in your neighborhood.
  • Keep a copy of your key hidden in your garden.
  • Keep your keys with you at all times. Wear them attached to your belt, for example.

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