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How do I whiten my teeth?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to have stained teeth. Moreover, stained teeth can cause your beautiful smile to look unattractive. Not only this, but it can also lower one’s confidence. In order to boost your confidence and be all smiles, whitening your teeth can be a good idea. After all, a bright, healthy smile is an integral part of building your confidence and keeping you away from different kinds of mouth diseases. So how do I whiten my teeth?  Knowing how your teeth will look brighter makes it essential to understand the causes of yellowish teeth. 

Causes Of Discoloration

As a rule of thumb, anything that stains your white shirt can stain your teeth. Colored food and beverages can stain your teeth. Moreover, people who frequently smoke or consume tobacco experience teeth discoloration. Not only that, regular consuming coffee coma black tea, and red wine can also cause discoloration. Another cause of yellowish teeth is the thinning of your tooth’s enamel due to aging. Thick enamel looks whiter, while the enamel that is worn off looks yellowish. This is because thin enamel exposes the pale brown inner layer of your tooth, known as dentin. 

Approaches To Whiten Your Teeth

1 Home Remedy With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural product that can remedy several problems. And so, baking soda can also come in handy if you want to whiten your teeth. The alkaline nature of baking soda helps maintain the pH level of your mouth. Thus, it results in whitening your teeth. It does so by getting rid of acidic food that you consumed. Take a few spoons of baking soda and add a little water to it. After it looks like a paste, gently scrub it on your teeth with the help of a toothbrush. 

2 Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an effective and affordable approach recommended by dentists. However, this treatment may not be right for everyone. Professional whitening is suitable for people with permanent teeth and good overall health. With this treatment, you will notice a dramatic difference in your teeth’ color. Nonetheless, take a six-month time between your professional whitening sessions. Lastly, make sure you take proper care of your teeth and follow your dentist’s instructions, following your treatment for lasting effects.

3 Take-Home Whitening Strips

While teeth whitening castlereagh strips may not be as effective as professional whitening procedures, they can help eliminate some discoloration at an affordable cost. Before applying whitening strips, make sure you have correctly read the instructions. Also, make sure to clean your teeth before applying your whitening strips. After that, take a moment to make sure you are using it correctly. With that said, place the whitening strips over your teeth. Make sure the strips cover your teeth completely. In other words, the gel-coated side should contact the surface of your teeth. Furthermore, the strips should avoid covering your gums as they can cause irritation. Now, wait for 30 minutes before removing them. After that, peel them away and dispose of them. Repeat this process twice a day several times to see any noticeable difference.

Final words

Regardless of what method you use, it is crucial to avoid eating colored foods and beverages right after whitening your teeth. Moreover, you should take proper care of your teeth and practice good oral hygiene habits. In this way, you can bring your Pearl White smile back. Talk to your dentist to find which treatment suits you best. Related Post:

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