How Do I Get My E-Trader License in Dubai?

If you want to do business from the comfort of your home, you can apply for an e-trader license in Dubai. It is issued for entrepreneurs who wish to work from home. They can sell products and services through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. E- trader license in Dubai was launched by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to supervise the commodities sold online via social media websites. This helps to keep a check on the sales of fake goods sold through social media.  

The e-trader license works like a surety badge for the customers who purchase products via various social media platforms. If you acquire an e-trader license, you can easily sell products and services online without renting an office. You need to get specific approvals from the respective legal authorities to get your e-trader license in Dubai. 

Customers who purchase items through various social media platforms can use the e-trader licence as a guarantee badge. You may simply offer items and services online without having to rent an office if you obtain an e-trader licence. To get an e-trader licence in Dubai, you must obtain appropriate permissions from the relevant legal authorities.

Why Should You Get an E-Trader License in Dubai? 

Just like a general trading license in Dubai is mandatory for anyone who wants to set up a business in Dubai, an e-trader license is required for those who want to do business online. Selling products and services through a valid social media account or eCommerce website requires an e-trader license. Renting office space and partnering with a local sponsor is not mandatory to acquire an e-trader license.

An e-trader licence is require to sell items and services through a legitimate social media account or eCommerce website. It is not necessary to rent office space or collaborate with a local sponsor in order to obtain an e-trader licence. Having an e-trader license in Dubai has several other benefits: 

  1. E-trader licensing helps gain customer trust and allows online sales without any trouble. 
  1. E-trader license ensures legitimacy and authenticity to online and E-commerce sales.
  1. It allows home-based business entrepreneurs to take part in events and exhibitions. This gives them an opportunity to showcase their products and services.
  1. It allows sellers to sell products through various e-commerce websites.
  1. An e-trader license allows participation in the e-trader training program offered by the DED (Department of Economic Development).
  1. If required, up to 3 employment visas can be acquired.
  1. E-trader license entitles 100% ownership of the company. 

On the contrary, an e-trader license has a few limitations too: 

  1. The license does not allow any commercial trading activities. Selling physical goods is available for GCC nationals only.
  1. It is a must for the owner to have a Dubai resident visa and Emirates ID. 
  1. Unlike a general trading license in Dubai, an e-trader license does not allow an investor visa for the owner. 
  1. A physical shop or unit cannot be open through an e-trader license. 
  1. Through an e-trader license, one can only sell products or services within Dubai. 

What Are the Requirements to Obtain an E-Trader License Dubai

The license can be issued to the UAE & GCC nationals and foreign nationals. There are two main types of e-trader licenses, commercial and professional. If the annual turnover of the business reaches the minimum threshold, then it is necessary to register for VAT.  

The license can be awarded to the UAE & GCC nationals and international nationals. There are two major categories of e-trader licenses, commercial and professional. It is require to register for VAT if the yearly turnover of the firm exceeds the minimal level.

To acquire an e-trader license, the owner should meet the following requirements:  

  1. Should be a resident in Dubai and hold a valid Emirates ID 
  1. Minimum age should be 21 or above. 
  1. Have a legal trade name for the company. 
  1. It is mandatory to pay the require fee within 24 hours after the license is issue. 
  1. Annual renewal of the license within a month of the expiry date is mandatory. Failure to do so will get your license automatically cancel. 
  1. The owner must complete the application and registration process with the DED. 

What are the required documents to apply for an E-Trader License Dubai? 

The procedure to register and apply for an e-trader licenses in Dubai is simple and straightforward. Below is a step-by-step process to register for the license and a list of required documents: 

 Step 1. Visit the DED trader website and create a Trader account.  

 Step 2. Register for the license and then make the payment. 

 Step 3. Provide necessary details for your social media accounts or eCommerce platform. 

 Step 4. You will get a confirmation message within the next 5 to 10 minutes after registration. 

 Step 5. Submit a valid copy of your passport. 

 Step 6. You must have a UAE resident visa and Emirates ID. 

 Step 7. Register for your company’s trade name. Avoid using foul and complex words in the trade name. 

What is The Cost of an E-Trader License Dubai? 

The application processing fee from DED can cost you around 1,200 AED. An additional fee will be charge for commercial activity. E- trader license fee can be paid within 24 hours after the license is issue through the payment voucher provide by DED. It usually takes around 5-10 working days to acquire your e-trader licenses in Dubai. 

The DED application process fee is around 1,200 AED. Commercial activity will incur an extra charge. The DED provides a payment voucher that may be used to pay the E-trader licencing fee within 24 hours of the licence being issue. In Dubai, obtaining an e-trader licence generally takes 5-10 working days.

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