How Do I Choose the Best Managed IT Company That I Can Actually Trust?

Before the pandemic, it was still reasonably possible for one of America’s approximately 33.2 million small businesses to operate with minimal information technology. A small business owner could depend on good word of mouth and foot traffic to keep them afloat.

While foot traffic has recovered somewhat since the early days of the pandemic, customer expectations have changed a lot. Now, customers expect a strong online presence with e-commerce options from nearly every business.

That makes business ownership more complicated, as you must often use technologies you don’t fully understand. A managed IT company can help ease the burden. Still, how do you pick one you can trust?

Keep reading for our quick guide on picking the best managed IT service provider for your needs.

They Offer Tiered or Customized Services

If you run a small bookkeeping business with 10 employees, your IT needs will only vaguely resemble the needs of a small manufacturing business with 200 employees. Managed IT services deal with this problem in two main ways.

One solution they offer is a tiered services program. The company bundles together IT essentials service packages with increasing levels of personal attention. Smaller companies can fill gaps in their IT infrastructure at a dependable price point.

The other solution is that the company builds custom service packages for each client ranging from IT equipment to software suites. This solution works best for small business owners who may not even know what they need.

They Provide the Services You Need

Some small businesses already have a good handle on much of their IT needs, but need help in specific areas. For example, you may need more robust cybersecurity but not know how to achieve it with your current setup.

You may also want to embrace a new technology, like cloud services. Yet, managing cloud services requires specific knowledge and training.

Maybe you work in finance and want better risk management software for commodities trading. Do you know how to implement it?

You want a managed service provider that offers the capabilities that you need.

Finding One to Trust

On the trust front, you can start with reviews. Does the company get good ratings overall? Did someone you trust recommend the company?

When you reached out, did the company have good communication? Did they offer you specific answers to your questions about their capabilities, fees, and who will manage your account?

Finally, what was your gut reaction? Do you have a good feeling about them? If they get good reviews, come recommended, provide good communication, and you have a good gut reaction, it’s probably a good company.

Picking a Managed IT Company

Picking a managed IT company demands that you consider several important factors. The company must offer services in a way that benefits you, such as affordable tiered services or customized services.

They must offer the capabilities that you need, such as cybersecurity or cloud services management. Finally, they must show hallmarks of trustworthiness, such as good reviews, straightforward answers, and leaving you feeling comfortable.

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