How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in My Local Area?

Did you know that cleaning services could cost more than $80 an hour in the United States for a business owner?

Cleaning services are essential to keep employees safe and bacteria from spreading, but it doesn’t come at a cheap rate.

If you are looking for cleaning help, it is helpful to know that most places will charge much less and provide you with excellent service.

Continue reading to discover large factors when it comes to finding the best commercial cleaning company!

Know Your Needs

To find the best commercial cleaning company for your business, you need to understand your needs.

If you aren’t sure about the services that you need and how often, you might find that you aren’t getting the place cleaned often enough. Think about the type of business that you own and the messes and traffic areas that need sanitizing. Write down a list of all the small and large cleaning tasks that you want the cleaning company to handle.

Your cleaning list might need to evolve, so don’t be afraid to communicate with the company. The more that the professional cleaners understand what you want, the more value you will get for your money.

This list of your business cleaning needs will be helpful when finding a company that can properly serve you.

Discuss Experience

If you want to find janitor services for your company, you should look at their experience level.

When a company has been in business for a long time, you can trust that they provide good and reliable services to stay afloat. Experienced cleaners are great to hire because they can help save you money by being more productive and by using efficient products. A lot of experience means that the employees dealt with situations and problem-solved their way through.

It is still good to support a startup business, even if they only have a few years of experience. Sometimes people with less experience are the best cleaners because they have simplified the process.

Don’t forget that a lot of transferable skills can be used for cleaning services. For example, if someone was a stay-at-home mom or worked in the school cafeteria, they have plenty of cleaning experience.

Check Reviews

Every small business owner should check online reviews for a company that they work with.

If you want to make a smart move in getting cleaning assistance, you will look the company up online to see what people are saying. Although most reviews are highly satisfied or dissatisfied, rather than somewhere in the middle, you can learn a lot about the company.

People can share stories and photos about their experience with the cleaning companies that will help you make a final decision. Don’t get too discouraged if you come across some negative comments, which you surely will. If you have any concerns, speak up and address them with the company to see if the issues were resolved and how.

Compare Costs

Although you might not have many options for local cleaners, you should compare each company.

Comparing costs will only be possible if you know the exact services that you need. Talking to someone will provide you with information about their flat rates and if they have any discounts or specials going on.

Most cleaning companies provide better rates when you hire them more than once a week. The more that they get business from you, the more willing they will be to give you a discount.

Services Offered

Grab the list that you wrote down your needs on when you go to talk to the cleaning company.

You will need to make sure that the company can meet your needs by comparing the services that they offer. If you find a company that cannot do carpet cleaning, but that is a necessity, you should look for other options.

The companies might have some flexibility and experience in services that they don’t already offer. Before crossing a company off of your list, ask them if they can meet your needs. The services offered should also include abilities to work during specific hours and on certain days.

Trustworthy Employees

Cleaning companies typically come to the office during nonwork hours so that they don’t disrupt the workday.

Since everyone from the office is home for the night, you will want to be sure that you can trust the cleaning employees. If you get a bad gut feeling about the company, you should look into it. Many businesses have gotten burned by cleaning companies because of stealing.

It is good to know, however, that most cleaning employees are trustworthy and honest. It is better to find a company that you don’t have to stress about rather than constantly worry about your company belongings.

Ask About Eco-Friendly Options

Not all commercial cleaning companies offer eco-friendly cleaning options.

Eco-friendly cleaning could include organic cleaners and cleaning equipment made with recycled materials.  If your company is trying to take more steps in going green, getting the cleaning company involved is a great and easy way to do so.

Ask the company what options they have for sustainable cleaning. This is also a great way to support a small business, trying to make a big change.

Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

If you are on the hunt for a commercial cleaning company, there are quite a few things to consider.

Whether you work in an office, at a restaurant, or in a shop, you will need to find a company that meets your needs. Take time to think about what you need so that when you research a company and check reviews, you have an understanding of what they can help with.

Don’t be afraid to discuss the finer details about scheduling, eco-friendly products, and costs.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about professional cleaners and running a successful business!

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