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How Curtains Should Be Hanged

Do you need some help with how curtains should Hung Be? Then this article is for you. We will discuss the proper way to hang curtains.

First of all, before we talk about how to hang curtains, let’s take a look at how they hung in the first place. Traditional chintz or velvet curtains typically attached with a rod. That is usually a very thick piece of heavy material. These rods, often called pins, are used to hang the curtain itself from the ceiling, which generally what we would call hanging them in our homes today.

Sometimes the rods are left in a specific position for much more extended periods than most people are aware of it. A traditional art form that uses these hanging rods called pinning. There are many different types of pinning styles, so it is essential to have a good understanding of what each one means.

Pin your curtain with legs of the strap

The most straightforward way to pin a curtain is to attach it by the legs with a belt. This style of pinning is the simplest because it is mostly just making a decorative loop on the curtain.

Another method of pinning curtains is to tie up horizontal or vertical loops of cord or rope that tie around the drape. An eyelet on the ground of the rod is the fundamental way to connect cables to a curtain rod. A curtain rod can also be held open with fasteners if necessary.

Tabletop Drapes | Keep Out Section

To prevent decorations on the tabletop, you can attach a curtain rod to the side of the table. For drapes designed for open seating, you can use a ring-shaped curtain rod.


Underlayment uses to cover up wall drapes and other furnishings, such as wardrobes, beds, or more tables.

To set the curtain rod up with the desired spacing between colors of hanging cords, bring the rod vertically across the horizontal wires to the end of each rope.

The cord is running through the eyelet tied off for a specific distance. The hole placed so that when a vertical rod has inserted into the horizontal rods.

The cable appears to be of the same length as the eyelet.

Once the loops are tied off, the rods can be pulled horizontally or vertically to create the desired pattern.

Choose the best kind of cord for your curtains

If the rod is smooth, then the best type of rope is the kind that doesn’t leave a lot of slack, and so forth. That should avoid the fall of any of the cables when the curtain pulled down.

When using cords for tying up the horizontal loops, you use a double knot, because the classic rod style is a half-hitch. To make the half-hitch, you use two cords, one wrapped around the other twice. It looks like this:

When ends of wires come together, you tie a knot in them, and that knot should keep inside the loop of the curtain. If it is not, then it can accidentally come out and cause you to lose the circuit you are tied up. That can avoid by keeping the knot inside the loop.

Complete pinning of a curtain, wrap a remaining cord around the rod so that it is now entirely covered by the vertical loop of the curtain.

As long as you have kept your original knot inside the circle, you will be able to close it quickly without being able to see through the remaining curtains in Dubai.

Half-hitch method for joining of two cords

The reason why this method is called the half-hitch is that it involves two ways of merging the two ropes. In the traditional rod style, you join them with one half-hitch, and in the half-hitch method, you join them with two half-hitches.

The half-hitch method is much easier to manage than the full-hitch way, because in the full-hitch practice you have to manipulate two cords, and you have to make sure you have enough rope for the two loops that you have joined since you cannot leave them as is.

In general rule, it is easier to see through a larger loop than it is to see through a smaller circle. That is because, especially if the loops are of a dark color, it makes it difficult to see the ends of the cords at the end of the narrow circle. That is why the half-hitch style preferred for setting curtains up into rooms in many homes.


Finally, if you want to attach decorations to your house, the best method is to hang up the curtains.

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