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How Can You Save Money on the Mot Test?

If your car is getting old, it is time for you to pay some attention to the money you invest in your car. There can be two possibilities- either you are spending more than required because of your carelessness or you are not investing any money at all. You might be one of the people who spend the right amount at right time but the chances of being from the first two options are always higher.

After 3 years, your car starts to get old and its maintenance needs also increase to keep it safe and road-worthy. To protect their people and reduce the percentage of the accident and any sort of accidents, the government of the UK has made it mandatory to undergo an MOT Redditch test. A test to check the safety of your car. For people who don’t know, the full name goes by the Ministry of Transport and is regulated under government regulations and service centres. Once your car is older than 3 years, proper maintenance becomes a mandatory issue. From getting your car insurance to checking the consumption of fuel, the overall money required to drive a safe and sound car with comfortable driving aesthetics adds up. Moreover, the cost of ensuring your car’s performance also increases.

Needless to say, so many people don’t pay enough attention to their vehicles and end up failing their MOT tests. More than 20% of the people fail their first MOT test. Going through your MOT, failing, retesting can cost you a lot. Rather than spending your money on things you like, you are spending that money on getting your MOT test done over and again.

You can save more than half of the revenue you invest by just following a proper maintenance schedule. This is one of the best ways to save a big amount. Getting minor issues fixed at the early stage costs less than replacing the whole part. Regular services are just not money-saving but also improves the conditions and performance of your vehicle with time. Unlike the MOT test, car servicing is not mandatory neither government authorized. There is no time limit for getting your car serviced or repaired. But it is suggested to get your vehicle checked by a professional after travelling about 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

It is always a good point to get your vehicle repaired, serviced, and inspected properly before going for your MOT test. This is because MOT Redditch will inspect almost all the parts that are involved in providing you safety and any kind of major or minor issue can fail. If not servicing, try to inspect your vehicle by yourself. You must have a look at your tyres, seat covers, working condition of seat belts, wipers, steering, all the lights. Also, remember to check the functionality of your brakes, and cleanliness is also one of the major factors that can lead to test failure. On the other hand, getting an MOT is also very beneficial. Not just inspect the minor faults but approves your car to be road-worthy.

It is not easy to pass your MOT test and get the certification. There are certain things to keep in mind before going for your MOT test-

You Must Check Your Lights- Quickly inspect your headlights and brake lights. People also fail because of signal and lighting problems. The working condition of your lights must be appropriate as driving at night without headlights can be very dangerous.

Use Your Manual-This step is beneficial and cost-effective. Getting your car serviced regularly can help you pass your MOT test in the first go. Your car handbook can guide you with when and when not to get your car serviced. Getting regular services will not let all the costs come at once. Also, increases your chances of passing the test in one go.

Drive Smoothly- Aggressive driving can be harmful to your as well as the safety of your car. Driving fast can cause wear and tear in your tyres and this can result in a loss of grip. Eventually, affecting the brakes of the car. The stopping distance of the car also increases which may lead to slipping on wet roads.

Check the Tyre Pressure- Maintaining proper pressure is very important. Disturbed inflation levels can act as a catalyst in wear and tear. Overinflated tyres can result in blowouts while underinflated can lead to accidents. To properly maintain your tyre and car safety, it is crucial to sustaining your tyre’s air pressure.

Clean Your Car Before You Go for Your Mot Test- Regardless of how you keep your car, it is important to have a neat and clean mat, seats, and inner area to pass your test. Clean your windows, windshield, and even covers. There shouldn’t be any stickers on the windshield as they can block the driver’s view. Due to this, you can fail your test.

Check Your Tyres–Your tyres will eventually wear out and you will have to replace them after a decent period. But you can stretch the life of your tyres by keeping them in top-notch condition. Drive gently, check air pressure regularly, avoid abrasive and rough road conditions. If you use seasonal Tyres Redditch, you must store your tyres inappropriate way. You can save a lot of money by taking care of your car tyres. Your tyres are supposed to provide you with safety and keeping your tyres in good condition will help you increase the performance of your car.

Get your car repaired at a good garage as the professionals can help you fix your car and even suggest ways for maintaining its health. Since proper repair and maintenance are the success key for your MOT test. If you got your car repaired before the MOT, the chances are pretty high to pass the test. And if found driving with expired or no MOT certification, serious actions take place against you by the government. You can save your money here by going to a reputed garage where skilled professionals will service your car.


Cunninghams Autocare has a proficient team of qualified MOT Redditch testers. You can easily book your slot on the website and get your car's annual inspection. The facility is authorized to provide you with valid certificates upon passing the exam. If any repairs are required, the auto-centre can take of that too.

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