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How Can Virtual Events Boost the Sales & Marketing of your Business?

As technology advances, virtual events are getting more popular, and have become commonplace to conduct business online. Creating an event in a virtual space ensures a memorable experience while at the same time helps an organiser to shape their platform just the way they want.

As many of us have adopted the new way of organising events, there are certain credentials one must consider before they plan, promote, and organise a virtual event. The world is still dealing with the destressing coronavirus pandemic, in such a situation staying ahead of the digital curve is something we should all contemplate.

2021 is marked as a year of exposure and inventions. People innovated exclusive ways to grow their business globally, find new leads, maximise their revenue generation tactics, and develop strong connections with people across the globe. With the new way of organising events, our way of vending and marketing events have also changed. There is so much to learn before you begin with planning your event. To know them all, we have curated a list of affordable and groundbreaking ways that will help you spread the word about your event more smoothly while also maximise attendance at your event. Let’s have a look at it!

Here are 4 Best Ways to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Skills for Your Business

Know Your Target Audience

Before you begin with the planning process, you must first understand your target audience. If you are wanting to serve better to your attendees make sure you know the market demand. Remember the more you crack down on your target persona you plan to deliver, the better are the chances of marketing your event effectively.

There are certain key factors you must know about them like

1- their remote location and profession

2- where do they spend most of their time on social media

3- what are they looking for in a platform

For instance, if you are hosting a product launch, visualise what an ideal stakeholder will be like and why would they invest in your product.

The above-mentioned factors are important for you and your target attendees as this will help deliver the content immersively by your end while attendees can gain knowledge from the topic that has been delivered. Now where to find more audiences is something you cannot generate in a day! Have a close study on the age group using different platforms and then post about your event on those promotional channels.

Once you figure out who your audience is, it becomes easier to curate the desired outcome for them. Design a plan that will seamlessly measure your event success and rest assured that your marketing messages were accurately delivered and encouraged your audience towards the end of the event.

Create a Website Page Layout

Designing a compelling landing page helps your target audience to know more about your event. This page is going to be a focal point of your marketing campaign so as an event planner it is your prime responsibility to give what your audience is looking for via this landing page.

The landing page must be created in a way that effortlessly communicates your goals and objectives to your target audience. It also helps in capturing insights of interested viewers so you can appeal to them on your event day.

As the technology advances, a virtual event platform enables event organisers to customise their own landing page according to their brand logo and spruce it up with compelling designs. While designing your event page layout, make sure you inculcate all the essential information about the event such as:

  1. Add the time and date of the event.
  2. Add an eye-catching headline
  3. Mention your event agenda
  4. Incorporate images and clips of VIP guests attending the event
  5. Give a brief description of the event
  6. Add FAQs for visitors to understand a lot better about the event

Promote Your Event at the Correct Time

Before you create the plan and design of your event and begin drawing traffic to your landing page and maximise registrants’ numbers, it is important to first know when to market your event.

If you start advertising your event 3-4 months early, you may lose audience attention and they may forget about your event very soon. If you are too late in promoting your event, you may not be able to reach out to more attendees due to time constraints. Hence, the timing of your promotion must be right!

Our best bet is to design your landing page 2-3 weeks prior to your event to ensure your target audiences have enough time for enrollment. If even your platform is yet to design, a landing page itself can tune in attendees. As mentioned earlier, a landing page plays a critical role in terms of building excitement, creating hype and eagerness among people to sign-up quickly.

Create Video Previews

This content format is popular amidst all attendees today. People are willing to watch exciting and innovative videos to facilitate themselves with information quickly. Hence, marketing your event with short but descriptive video is essential. As this may stop audiences from wandering around different websites to learn about your event and also save their valuable time. While creating a video preview you must ensure that it holds all the basic and essential information in a compelling and engaging manner. Provide your audience a taste of the experience in store by arraying your brand’s leader, visionary and league in a way that none of your competitors have ever done before. Design teaser clips of your event at your organisation’s social media handle to reach and engage more audiences.

Over to You

The planning and execution of an online event can be challenging if you are new to the virtual world. But with proper analysation and observance of the sales and marketing trends, you can create an outstanding event for your business. Follow the above-mentioned steps to boost engagement while promoting your event in the best way possible. Ask your special guest to spread the word about your event on their social sites and do not forget to incorporate a follow up survey for your global attendees as this is an essential segment for deliberating how well the event performed and what value did your attendees pull off from the event.

Happy Marketing!

Kaylee Johnson

I am Digital Marketer and technical writer. Help businesses to get quick growth with aggressive organic marketing strategies.

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