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How can Mobile-First Approach help boost a business?

Mobile-First Approach. It has become popular in various scenarios amongst businesses. We live in a society where it’s inexpensive to buy a mobile as a personal computing device. The smartphone user base is ever-growing since its inception. The Number is supposed to increase more by the end of this year & reach almost half of our population. This presents us with an opportunity to increase the consumer base. The Mobile-first approach makes sure your business is viable to the mobile crowd first because this crowd has the immense power of boosting the numbers of clicks on your business.

Why is “Mobile-First” Important?

As indicated from the stats, mobile & Tablet users have grown to surpass desktop users in 2016. This shows us the huge potential of Internet users, if utilized correctly, it can help you build up an ever-growing & recurring consumer base for your business. Many businesses have already taken advantage of this, such as the Alibaba eCommerce platform.

Another reason is screen times. A study shows that if compared with other devices, an average American spends almost 51% of his screen time in front of a Mobile, as compared to 42% over laptops/desktops. This is the data from 2015 & the trend has continued to grow till today.

Sales are also an indication of this trend. In 2012 alone then sales of mobile phones have grown to surpass the sales of desktops. This is because of the evolving technology it’s becoming easier to accomplish daily computing tasks on a Mobile phone. Also, the price difference and the form factor are also a reason. Today mobile devices can assist you to plan your calendar, attending meetings, making presentations, & handling other hard computing tasks such as gaming, and have a battery life of almost 24 hours.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three ways a Mobile-First Approach can help you build a successful business.

Page Loading Speeds

Loading speeds is one of the crucial factors when designing your apps or websites, it means how quickly your website presents the first view to your consumer. This can help you decrease the churn rate. It means a lot to keep your user engaged with your products, slower speeds can break that engagement leading to a loss of users. Even if you have better speeds on a desktop view, a mobile view can still be slow. Mobile has a smaller data cap, this means downloading page data on mobile view is much slower. To optimize this, you need to tweak page data. This can result in improving speeds on a desktop view too.

Backward Compatibility

Backward Compatibility is the technique in which you develop your solutions so that they are configurable and compatible with the older versions & software. This means making your app as compatible with all the android devices as possible. A mobile-first approach can help you write cleaner code. It can help you focus on the necessary elements of your app, as well as help you achieve faster loading times.

Backward compatibility also helps you focus more on the well-supported features and help you eliminate techniques like polyfill (polyfill is a technique that induces extra code to make your solution compatible with older versions of software). 

Better User Experience

Screen real-estate decreases significantly when transitioning from desktop to mobile view. It means we have to be more mindful of what kinds of features appear on our page. A better User Experience is one where the user is not overwhelmed by the features present and can navigate to his/her end goal smoothly. A Mobile-first Approach can help you decrease the junk on your app or solution helping you identify key elements to focus on your website. It also can help you develop new solutions for your Product so that it is more effective to use and navigate for users to achieve their end goal.

Which Technologies to use?

Concluding, We can say a Mobile-First Approach can help you develop a solution faster, simpler, and with a better user experience. It can help you in thinking out of the conventional box, and help you eliminate unnecessary junk from your solution. In turn, boosting productivity, helps solutions become more effective. How to Develop a Mobile-First Solution for your Business? 

We can build web platforms, that are accessible on all types of devices. Moreover, You just need one JavaScript codebase to maintain the repository for these web apps. CSS and other technologies have enabled us to develop progressive web apps which are responsive to the screen sizes. This makes it easier to deliver solutions for each screen ratio. On the other side, you can also leverage cross-platform technologies like a flutter.

Flutter is an open-source technology that can help you build solutions for various platforms with one single codebase. It can help you make your apps compatible with the desktop website, this can help you achieve similar results as all stated above. Flutter is accessible across all platforms, which again helps us make a solution focused on Mobile.

How do I develop a Flutter or Web App?

Developing a web or Flutter app is easier than before. You can hire freelancers on different platforms that can help you develop your very first application. But if you’re new to the technology and are having a breakthrough, it’s better to consult on your first application or software development. This way you can avoid the potential hazards of development & set up your business for success. But managing all of these things can be tedious. This is where a digital transformation company comes into the picture. These companies help you with expert consultation and help you hire your own freelance development team for the job.

You can hire Digital Transformation agencies for developing a flutter app. A Flutter App Development company is a Digital Transformation agency that specializes in Flutter App development. It can provide you with the required tools and developers at an affordable hourly rate which will help you boost your app development budgets, and will reduce the risks of app development.

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