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How can I promote YouTube Music?

YouTube has revolutionised the way people listen to music. Along with other large streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud, it’s a major role in the music industry. A large number of eager music listeners utilize YouTube to stay up with the latest sounds. And a new generation of influencers is on the hunt for fresh music to share with their audiences. We’ll go into the world of promote YouTube music in this piece. Helping you understand why you should pay attention to it, how to identify relevant channels in your genre, and how to contact them to have your music shared.We’ll go into the world of YouTube music promotion in this piece. Helping you understand why you should pay attention to it, how to identify relevant channels in your genre, and how to contact them to have your music shared.

What Are Music Promotion Channels on YouTube?

These channels exist to share promote YouTube music videos with their respective audiences. They tend to specialise in certain genres of music and regularly upload tracks from a number of performers. Often, these channels began as a one-man show – people looking to share music with their friends and other fans – but they have since grown to become important players in the industry, with some even launching record labels based solely on the popularity of their YouTube channels.There are numerous channels to pick from nowadays. There’s no question you’ll be able to discover a channel in your genre with millions of subscribers, if not just thousands. Don’t dismiss this strategy; after all, every channel started small. Remember that these networks are also striving to expand.Build strong relationships with minor influencers now, and they could be heading some of YouTube’s biggest channels in a few years.

Why Should They Be Targeted?

It’s as simple as being able to contact an engaged audience of people who are interested in your musical genre. These channels can help introduce your music to a new audience that may not have heard of you before, and they can also spread your music over YouTube and other platforms. We’ve seen many cases when a music video on one channel helped an artist become noticed by other channels and led to new opportunities. However, you must be realistic about those you choose to target. You won’t be able to go right on to the major channels — you’ll have to work your way up by developing relationships with lesser channels first.Thrills is a house music site that features all types of house subgenres, according to the about page. We can also obtain all of the information necessary to send them submissions. Repeat this procedure for a few other songs, and you’ll begin to construct a database of channels that are appropriate for your genre, which you may start submitting your music to. We were able to identify a lot of potential using the Dallerium example above.

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How To Find And Contact These Channels

The best way to uncover these channels is to create an account on YouTube and start watching promote YouTube music video going on in your channel. YouTube can be a bit of a rabbit hole — after you’ve found a song you like, you’ll be presented with a slew of other suggested music videos, making it very easy to discover new songs and channels. We recommend that you utilise this method as a starting point for finding channels that might be acceptable. Let’s look at an example to see how this procedure works. Let’s pretend we’re a house music producer trying to market a single. We’re looking for someone who hasn’t quite made it yet.This might assist you in determining the channel’s size as well as the number of submissions it receives. The next step would be to go to their channel’s ‘About’ page to learn more about what kind of music they like and how to contact them. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Channel

It’s important to be selective about the promote YouTube music channels you submit to. One thing we always check is activity – make sure the channels you’re submitting to are up and running. It’s as easy as looking through their upload history to see if they’ve been constantly uploading music videos. Keep your pitch brief and to the point. These channels must sort through a large number of submissions. It’s more likely to detract from the rest of your presentation. It’s best to let the music speak for itself.

How To Get Your Music Uploaded To YouTube Channels

Finding promote YouTube music video channels is the easy part; getting your tune into them is the challenging part. However, there are some things you can do to greatly improve your chances of submitting a successful proposal. First and foremost, ensure that the quality of your song is acceptable. We understand that everyone begins somewhere, but Let’s pretend we’re a house music producer trying to market a single. We’re seeking for an artist who hasn’t quite cracked the mainstream but has a sound that is similar to ours and is gaining popularity.
In this case, we’ve chosen Dallerium’s “What I Know.”
A YouTube search for this tune returns a list of all the channels that have uploaded it. As you scroll down the list, you’ll notice a variety of channels with varying subscriber counts. If we take the ‘Thrills’ channel as an example, we can see how many subscribers they have by visiting their page.

Let’s Get Started

So there you have it: a method to locating and contacting YouTube channels in your genre. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular channels in each genre below — this is a work in progress, so if there are any others you think should be included, let us know and we’ll add them.

Remember that music submission isn’t limited to YouTube; there are plenty of other outlets where you can send your music, and once you’re on YouTube, don’t forget about your music video marketing approach.

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