How Big is a 2-Carat Diamond for an Engagement Ring?

Indeed, you will want your fiancé’s hand to shine with the ring you put on her. There are numerous diamond carats available in the market with variable price points. Therefore, choosing the perfect diamonds for AU engagement rings might be daunting.

Upon research, you have probably found one that caught your eye – a 2-carat diamond. Yet, finding its exact size has proved to be challenging in Australia.

Usually, a 2-carat diamond, when in a round shape, will have an approximate diameter of 8.10 mm. It means that on a scale, the diamond will be similar to the weight of “half a raisin.”

In general, it will weigh less than a measly 400 milligrams. Are you intrigued? Then, read on to find out more about 2-carat diamonds in Australia.

How Heavy is a 2-Carat Diamond?

Any diamond will look perfect if you offer it with love and care, but shopping for it might get crazy.

Ideally, the weight of the diamond you choose will be proportionate to the size it possesses. It means that your 2-carat diamond is a rock that weighs 2-carat.

Your fiancé will have a beautiful 400 milligram of weighted diamond on their hand. In a way, a half-cut raisin’s weight = the weight of any 2-carat diamond. Even then, it all depends on the type of engagement ring you choose.

Is a 2-Carat Diamond Perfect for AU Engagement Rings?

Even though a 2-carat diamond might be on the pricey side, Aussies love gifting it to their loved ones. Diamonds have been around in the country since 1851 and are here to stay forever. Indeed, these rocks are a woman’s best friend but will look different in their hands.

Diamonds will change their appearance depending on their use, clarity, shape, etc. Hence, it will either look small or large on the engagement ring you use.

A 2-carat will draw attention if seen from proximity. However, it will not stand out in a crowd. There is a hint of glitz, and the rarity will make the engagement ring look beautiful and aesthetic.

Due to this, a 2-carat diamond is a perfect addition to any Australian engagement ring.

Factors That Influence a 2-Carat Diamond in Australia

After choosing from a plethora of AU engagement rings, it is time for you to choose the perfect 2-carat. Consider things like shape and cut, colour and clarity, and setting while buying one for a ring.

The shape and cut of a 2-carat should either be round or princess for any engagement ring. It will make the ring look delicate, symmetrical, and polished.

On the other hand, the best colour range would be G to I with a clarity of VS2 to VVS1 for the ring. As for the setting, make sure to choose a ring size that fits your fiancé’s finger.

The standard size would be US 5 to 7 for Australian women, which is usual for any 2-carat.

The Bottom Line

A 2-carat diamond will weigh 400 milligrams if left alone. However, with influential factors like cut, clarity, size of the ring, it will change drastically.

Such a diamond is usually uncommon in Australia, and your fiancé will be amazed by its beauty. It can sparkle and look aesthetic in a crowd if seen from proximity.

So, if you are looking for perfection, choose a 2-carat with a G to I colour and VS2 to VVS1 clarity. Similarly, the engagement ring size should be 5 to 7.

Now, you are ready to buy a beautiful ring to propose to your loved one.


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