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How Are Conveyancing Services Better Than Hiring A Lawyer?

Conveyancing services can be great if you need to sell or buy a property without hiring a lawyer. Conveyancing services are affordable and can save time and money when you need them. For most, conveyancing is just an administrative procedure to transfer property ownership.

There’s no room for mistakes or unforeseen events that can turn into a legal dispute. This convenience comes with some serious risks – though they’re smaller than others in the industry, like law firms. Here are the main benefits of considering Conveyancer Adelaide services.

1)    Conveyancing providers are cheaper than lawyers –

Counselors usually charge a flat fee for all their services, including legal conveyance advice. In contrast, lawyers will charge you for the time spent on each individual property deal. This means that you’ll save more when using conveyancing services and not paying for lawyer’s fees.

2)    Conveyancing agreements are flexible –

You can easily work with a conveyancer if you want to change your original agreement or add additional clauses. There’s also no need to inform your lawyer of any updates since a conveyancer is bound by only what has been agreed upon at the start of their services.

3)    Conveyancing can save time –

Hiring an expert to prepare the paperwork is often faster than doing it yourself. They’ll also guide you through the process, eliminating the risk of making errors. If you need to sell your property, you can sell it sooner if your conveyancing agreement is ready.

4)    Conveyancing can be made simpler –

Unlike lawyers who have extensive knowledge of the law and legal procedures, conveyancers are more familiar with the law and how to navigate it. In other words, their understanding of the process simplifies the whole procedure.

5)    There’s no reason to wait for a lawyer to approve –

If you want your conveyance quickly and easily, then a conveyance from Key Conveyancing is your best choice. Lawyers often require long waiting periods to prepare documents before they can be submitted to the court for approval. This delay can often cause problems when there are unforeseen events that could affect your deal. Your conveyancing agreement will still satisfy all conditions if you get it approved within a reasonable time.

6)    Your conveyancing agreement will be ready within a week –

The majority of lawyers are based locally, meaning that you may be waiting for weeks for a response about your paperwork. Conveyancers, on the other hand, have their own system to prepare and submit their paperwork. You will need to get your agreement from them quickly.

7)    Other services can be included –

This is one case where lawyers can save you money – by collaborating with conveyancers, you’ll often save more than the money you spent on hiring both parties. Lawyers can help in other things like drafting contracts and wills and lodging a complaint after purchasing a property.

As you can see, conveyancing services can be a great choice if you need legal advice in specific areas of property law and don’t have time to do it yourself. However, they’re not without their risks since many things can go wrong with your property sale or purchase – albeit less than a lawyer’s involvement.


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