How and why use professional online insurance comparators?

Professional insurance is an essential bulwark to protect against the risks that a company may undergo and which hinder its proper development. Some cover is even compulsory depending on the business sector. As they require a full budget and contribute to the sustainability of the activity, these policies are not to be chosen in a hurry. A pro insurance comparator can help managers find the best formulas.

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  • An online insurance comparator: a practical tool
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An online insurance comparator: a practical tool

Insurance intermediary, the online comparator’s mission is to connect a company looking for professional insurance and an insurance company. To exercise as such, the site must be registered with ORIAS. Before using this tool, a company must systematically verify the affiliation between the comparator and the insurance groups. 

Under article L. 111-7 II of the Consumer Code established by the law of October 7, 2016, the comparison site must inform users about the financial links and contractual relations that it has with an insurance company. and the criteria it uses to achieve its rankings. It is rare for a comparison site to be able to offer all the offers available on the market.

Only those that come from partner insurers or brokers are the subject of comparison. In any case, these online tools like The Pro Insurance Guide are effective in helping to find professional insurance that is advantageous in terms of price and terms. 

Company health mutual, ten-year guarantee, structural damage insurance, professional liability insurance, insurance for company vehicles, whatever the type of cover, to find, the site will put insurers in competition in this quest for the contract. Golden.

Find a contract more easily when you are a risk profile

One of the main advantages of using an online comparator is to be able to easily find a contract even though one is a risky profile. For example, some companies have a high loss rate and which is refused by many insurers.

 The comparator takes this parameter into account when searching to try to find a company that agrees to grant coverage. Companies that carry out risky activities are also in the same group and have difficulty finding contracts without additional premiums. Ditto for those who were terminated by their previous insurer for default of payment.

How to use a pro insurance comparator

An undeniable advantage of the professional insurance comparator relates to its ease of use. The user must first target the right site and then he must complete an online form requesting certain information such as the key points of the profile, the characteristics of the property to be insured, and any background. 

The tool will cross-reference this information with that of the insurers registered in its database. It then issues offers that are compatible with the applicant’s needs. The latter only has to choose the insurance company with which he wishes to subscribe. The quotes will be sent by email and telephone contacts are expected to finalize the contract.


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