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Homeowners’ Guide – Speaking with Electricians on COVID – 19 Safety

It is good to hire a trained emergency electrician for anything involving wiring, cables, or repairing appliances in your home. If you have problems with your wiring, switches, and cables, you don’t want to waste time looking for someone to handle emergency electrical repair! At SK Electricals, we serve you the minor electric maintenance to failure to retrain the entire property we deliver a whole variety of electrical services to all.

We can easily identify faults, test and check to wire, connect sockets, and do partial or complete rewiring 24×7. We have specialized electrical services, as well as an excellent electrician in high Wycombe, who offers a wide range of electrical services to homeowners and landlords, whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial.

Our Features:

  1. Distance communications: Contractors should ensure that they are able to properly convey to homeowners their strategies for working safely. This will assist both parties in ensuring that the client is confident that the work may begin securely within their house. It will also assist to clear up any doubt about any safety precautions that the electrician may take.
  2. Maintaining Social distance: House owners must make a concerted effort to keep a safe space between themselves and the contractor at any and all times. This includes not shaking hands, providing beverages, or remaining in the same area when work is being done.
  3. Covid free circumstances: Though it may believe to be inaccurate to communicate over the telephone, contractors should ensure that nobody in the family is suffering from COVID-19 and is in self-isolation. Similarly, the client must check that the electrician is clear of symptoms.
  4. Maintain Hygiene: Every electrician has a hand sanitizer to use before and after each job. Thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible. Keeping face masks and gloves with them to wear while required times. Our electricians always hold disinfectant spray and wipes with them for daily deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Reasons why you need Electrician services during home renovations?

The sorts of electrical work that a homeowner can perform have been outlined by home improvement professionals. They’ve also offered advice about which electrical services a homeowner should avoid.

A house owner can do without electricians:

  • Garden lights
  • Change and install fuses
  • Change light bulbs

Electrical works – A House owner Should Not Do:

  • Light switch replacement
  • Replacement of light outlet with ceiling fans
  • Replace the power supply or extension cable.
  • Change the placement of power outlets.
  • Repairing electrical household appliances

5 electrical safety guidelines for your house that you should be conscious of:

  1. Restore damaged power cables: Unsecured wiring is a hazard that must not be neglected. If you notice a wire’s protective covering has been peeled away, replace it or wrap it with electrical tape as soon as feasible:
  2. Don’t load outlets over Each outlet in your house is intended to transmit a specific quantity of power; plugging in far too many gadgets at once might result in a minor explosion or a fire. Use a power strip that can securely satisfy your demands if you have a lot of items to the plugin.
  3. Avoid as far as feasible extension cords: Running extension cables via the home can trip residents, causing destruction to the wire or outlet if the cord is torn out of the wall. Try getting an emergency electrician to replace existing outlets around your home if you often use extension cables.
  4. Maintain water-free electric equipment or outlets: Because water conducts electricity, even minor contact with this hazardous mixture might result in harm. Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid getting the plugs wet.
  5. Protect children against dangers: All inactive electrical outlets must have tamper-resistant safety covers installed by parents. Furthermore, all unsecured cords should be cleaned up and placed out of reach of children to avoid them being tripped over.

What exactly is a periodic inspection?

A periodic inspection is an analysis and testing to determine if electrical equipment is in good enough condition to maintain service. Successful completion of the appropriate inspection and testing, an Electrical Installation Condition Report will be provided, documenting any observed damage, degradation, faults, dangerous situations, and any non-compliances with existing safety standards that may pose a risk.

Employing Electricians During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

The good news is that the most – if not all – professional electricians around the country are already emphasizing safety precautions. However, before allowing them inside your house, you should eliminate some aspects to protect your family’s safety. Among the factors are the following:

  • The health measures that the tradespeople take
  • The technique they’ve established to examine their own health
  • Whether anybody on their crew experienced flu-like symptoms or tested positive for COVID – 19 positive in the past several weeks
  • They are undertaking a sanitation routine.
  • They provide choices for electronic money transfer and contactless payment.
SK Electrical Works Wokingham takes COVID – 19 safety precautions very seriously. In addition to the conventional precautions, we include hand soap and water in our vans so that our technicians may properly and regularly wash their hands.
Our skilled electricians maintain social distance during their stay in your house or workplace. We have gone digital in every element, such as reserving a service, tracking and approving projects, and payment choices so that our clients do not have to physically sign documents or engage in cash money transactions.
In addition to the rules described above, we have implemented a regulation requiring our staff to report any illness quickly and to remain away from work if ill.

24/7 Emergency Electrician High Wycombe:

When you employ a skilled Electrical Contractors High Wycombe, you can be certain that all required safeguards are in place to keep you and your family members safe from pandemics and contamination.
 If you follow these guidelines, you may perform necessary electrical work in your house with minimum danger.
While this may seem self-evident, far too many people try household electrical repairs.

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