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Hiring a React Native Developer: What Should You Look For?

Hire React Native Developer

React Native is one the most popular platform in the tech industry nowadays not only for customers but also it has been a cake of pie to stick around on the developer’s plate. Hence, it has become one of the most commonly used languages today because it allows mobile app developers to work on both Android and iOS platforms.

What should you look for in hiring React Native Developer?

Be aware of the required skills, both professionals and interpersonal for hiring react native developers.

React Native developer hard skills 

There is a difference between react native developer and professional. Always opt for the one who has expertise over react native because there are a couple of skills that every candidate should master for being a react native developer.

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript

As JavaScript is an important part of cross-platform mobile app development. The candidate must know how to build components? They should know to structure the app logic and service and understand their flow.

Knowledge of basic React assumptions

JavaScript is one of the important parts of the react-native series so it is a must that react native developers should have basic knowledge and understanding of it including react-native framework

Experience with Android and iOS development

Hire React Native Developer

A potential react native developer will be familiar with objective-C & Swift in order to make the application work on different devices is essential. They should know the difference between iOS and App development.

Familiarity with useful tech tools 

This can be an add-on if the candidate is familiar with at least some extra tools like Redux, & Enzyme, etc. Plus, if they know how to navigate through user-friendly navigation for mobile apps will be appreciable. They should be using tools like react-native navigation to make sure that the candidate is familiar with these tools?

Writing clear code

If your project involves backend development, then hire react native developers who are good backend skills. Ask the candidate which back technology they are familiar with. Have they worked with Parse Server? Do they know Meteor?

Hire react native developers

Hard skills interview questions

  • Can you explain in simple words what React Native is?
  • Can you name the key benefits of using react native for mobile app development?
  • Tell in detail about virtual DOM.
  • Differentiate between native apps and hybrid apps.
  • What happens when you call “setState”?
  • Differentiate between State & props.
  • What is the work of Redux, Flux, and JSX?

Apart from the above following are the basics you should keep in mind:

  • Soft skills
  • Cultural fit
  • Portfolio
  • Writing clear code
  • Feedback from clients
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of basic React assumptions
  • Experience with Android and iOS development


Now businesses have used react native for their native app development, as the platform provides you many benefits that save your time and cost as well. Hire React Native Developers is one of the top React Native app Development Company with well skilled and experienced developers.

Hire React Native Developer

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