Hire A Tutor To Adopt A Progressive Approach For Your Child’s Future

Do you know how old the concept of tuition is? Well, tuitions exist from the time when education came into being. Do you know why it has been a successful method? Children adapt knowledge more easily from individual attention given by tutors who are considered role models by the students. This additional study system is popular in the UK and this is why people prefer to enroll their children in 11 plus online tuition


Finding the best 11 plus tuition 

Polishing children for 11+ is not as easy as you have to prepare them for grammar schools. As you know the school has restricted space while countless students enroll for the test. As countless students apply for the test the parents hunt for tutors more. Every tutor promises to get your kid through the exam with flying colors. But how can you choose which one is the best? With the increasing supply of tutors, it is becoming more difficult to choose the top 11 plus online tuition. In this article, you will get an idea of how to choose the best tutor online.


Educational background- If you know the tutor has expertise in the subject he is teaching, it gives you more satisfaction that your child is in good hands.


Years of experience- It is very important to see how much experience does the tutor has in preparing students for 11+ exams. Also, look for experience in different subject portfolios.


Test passing rate- You should see the overall percentage of students that have passed the exam in the history of the tutor’s career. You can also ask parents who got their child enrolled in the specific 11 plus online tuition.  


Types of 11 plus tuition

Have you ever come across different types of 11+ tuition? The one that is suitable for you and your child depends on your personal preferences and your child’s educational needs. 

Personal tutor- These are the tutors who execute individual study settings or in a small group where they can give attention to each student, identify their weaknesses more easily, and work on them accordingly. These are either retired teachers or students or someone who is on a career break and comes to teach at your home. 

11 plus online tuition- This is an online study set up on the web portal, zoom, skype, or any other application. In most online portals the videos are uploaded and the student is given weekly tasks which he has to complete at any time or day of the week according to their ease. This remote study eliminates the problem of distance as anyone can enroll easily by sitting anywhere. 

Tuition centers- This is a proper study setup like schools where the owner employs different tutors. These tutors give a lesson to a group of children where they are given more individual attention than schools. 

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