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High Flyers: 5 Fintech Startups To Watch in 2022

Financial technology is one of the most rapid-growing sectors around the US, and around the world, having become a $3 trillion industry. How we handle, send, receive, and invest money is changing constantly thanks to the boom in fintech startups we are seeing every single year.

The need for more reliable, faster, and more secure digital payments, the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency, and the popularity of investing in mobile devices are launching society into the future.

As we enter 2022, there are plenty of familiar names, like PayPal and Robinhood, who continue making headlines as they seek to stay on the front foot. But there are plenty of new startups emerging in the fintech industry who are making their presence known.

Read on below to discover five promising startups that will help usher in the next financial revolution.

1. Baselane

Baselane provides a whole suite of financial tools geared towards real estate investors and property managers. With Baselane, you can streamline bookkeeping, banking, rent collection, and more, all in one platform.

2. is a Los Angeles-based startup aimed at making the banking process more streamlined and efficient. It uses tools powered by AI to make banking more secure, detect and deter financial crimes, and allow borrowers to see their mortgage process in real-time.

3. Till

Till is a company that makes it easier for low-income households to pay rent on time each month, avoiding late payments and evictions. By using Till, tenants can have the optimal amount of rent deducted from each paycheck, rather than one lump sum on the first of the month.

We will start seeing future industry trends play out like this, where financial services are created for the people who need them the most.

One of the unique aspects of Till is how they decided to use fractional CTO services during the startup phase, before eventually hiring a full-time, in-house CTO.

The fractional CTO was helpful in launching the initial technology needed to build the platform. But once proven, they were able to fund their own internal team for a complete build-out.

4. Chainalysis

Tons of venture capital money is heading straight into the world of cryptocurrency. As the global adoption of cryptocurrency continues to rise at rapid rates, tons of new companies are entering the space.

But rather than cashing in on retail investors, Chainalysis is one of the financial companies aimed at making the crypto economy more transparent and more accountable to the law. It provides large organizations with the tools they need to solve complex crypto criminal cases.

5. OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world, with almost all NFT sales volume taking place through their platform. Investors, collectors, and artists use the platform to buy and sell digital art, which has become insanely popular in 2021.

Exciting FinTech Startups

With so many fintech startups popping up each year, and a wave of emerging technologies hitting the market, the financial landscape across the globe is experiencing a major shift.

The companies leading the way into the financial future are going to disrupt many legacy companies, and make lots of money on the way.

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