Here Is Why You Should Invest In RoadX Tyres!


Building materials are critical in the production of tyres, and that is why we begin with the finest fresh tools available. We then meticulously combine recyclable material. Next, ROADX experts meticulously create every tread, sidewall, and finishing to ensure that you have the safest, most pleasant, and longest-lasting ride possible.


There are very few automobiles that we haven’t been able to pair with a pair of ROADX tyres. Verify your wheel width, locate your tyres, and also have them installed at a ROADX tyre care facility that has been approved. Keep an eye out for the ROADX logo.

Tyres built with Sustainable and environmental materials made with HD Silicate as well as solid steel belts are designed to offer roll control for driving safety in both tropical and temperate situations while also optimizing on-road fuel efficiency. With its one-of-a-kind tyre structure, you could also anticipate greater durability. In addition, Roadx considers its environmental concerns, having constructed the world’s largest tyre recycling centre.


Your automobile transports priceless goods, such as you, your home, and pals, among others. It is also critical that the tyres on which your vehicle travels not just to feel at ease on the roadways, but also hold the roadway with a ferocious, unyielding accuracy on every voyage, weather, snow, or sun, to ensure that your automobile remains safe. With ROADX Xtra Security, you can walk with confidence.


It is possible for treads to be loud and to generate irritating vibrations throughout the car’s interior. However, ROADX traction designs have been meticulously implemented and tested to provide the most comfortable street riding experience possible in every weather condition, whether rainy, humid, warm, or chilly. Make your way into the ideal mood with ROADX Xtra Pleasant Riding.


The Xtra Ks have ROADX’s high-quality production techniques, which begin with carefully selected components and continue with highly engineered treads and skilled installation for maximum riding enjoyment that will let you go farther than ever before. ROADX Xtra Kilometers It’s not a morning meal at all.


Our experts at RoadX Tyres Pontypool will level and realign your ROADX wheels once they have been skillfully installed, and they will serve them at the required km periods throughout their lifespan. We assist in maintaining your ROADX tyres.


All the boxes have been checked for excellence, security, convenience, and durability; it’s no surprise that we may enjoy this advantage for the rest of our lives. In addition, our ROADX Xtra Warranty provides an extra layer of assurance to our customers.

Greetings and hello to our main website. This is your one-stop shop for all things tyres in Pontypool, so pop by now!

We are a newly established expert tyre shop and installation business in Pontypool, where we carry package designs of fresh and part-worn tyres for a wide range of vehicle models and makes. Even though we are a pretty recent business, our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers has enabled us to distinguish ourselves in a very tough environment.

Much about us; let’s get down to business and talk about the numerous items we have accessible at our location.


We are a dependable source for motorists searching for new or partially used tyres in Pontypool. We provide goods from the best tyre manufacturing companies in the world, in a variety of pricing ranges.

So, whether you’re looking for high-end, mid-range, or low-cost tyres in Pontypool, we’re here to meet all of your needs.

Here’s a quick rundown of the many options we have accessible at our location.

Summer tyres

Our summer tyres Pontypool, which are made from tougher rubber compositions, provide increased gripping and stability, as well as improved turning accuracy, on both wet and dry surfaces. Furthermore, these variations include tread bars that have been carefully developed to provide aquaplaning endurance while also reducing both rolling resistance as well as braking lengths.

Winter tyres 

These tyres have a milder rubber composition. It keeps its suppleness even while driving on ice or in slippery conditions. However, our winter tyres have thicker treads and a massive amount of sipes. This allows them to dig deeply into the snowfall. It also results in excellent traction and decreased stopping lengths on snow-covered roadways.

All-season tyres:

Incorporating a carefully selected combination of intermediary tread depths and rubber compositions, all-season tyres are capable of withstanding moderate climate and road surfaces, except severe conditions, without slipping or slipping. For automobile drivers who do not wish to replace their tyres multiple times per year, these types are the best choice.

4×4 tyres

In the beginning, these tyres were exclusively for action fans who like riding in difficult circumstances. Today’s modern 4×4 tyres operate optimally in on-road circumstances as well. Four-wheel-drive tyres with deeper tread patterns and a strengthened sidewall provide the best gripping and stability possible in muck, snow, and grass.

Our professionals can assist you in selecting the most appropriate 4×4 tyres for your Vehicle.

Performance tyres

They are based on racecourses. These tyres are an excellent choice for owners of supercars and high-end automobiles that want to stand out from the crowd. Performance tyres offer amazing efficiency at incredible velocities. A special quality “grippy” material combination and shorter, streamlined treads decrease frictional resistance as well as braking distance whilst providing exceptional turning accuracy and safety against burning.

Run-flat tyres

They support a load of a car even if one or more of its tyres get damaged. As a result, even after experiencing a dramatic pressure drop, you may continue driving at a comfortable speed for a defined distance. Run-flat tyres from us may save you from being stuck in the middle somewhere with a flat tyre on your vehicle.

Our products and services

Wheel balance is important.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as harsh racing dynamics, fast and irregular tyre wear, limited braking system and manoeuvrability, you should seek expert wheel balancing service.

We fix puncture repairs 

Our puncture service specialists at Tyres Pontypool provide timely and safe repairs by BS AU 159 requirements.

See us in person or get tyres online!

If you are unable to contact our store owing to previous obligations, you may also purchase tyres immediately straight from our webpage. This will save you time. Simply input your vehicle identification information to search through our extensive variety of quality and part-worn tyres. Next, choose the one that best meets your needs and specifications. In addition to placing your purchase, you may schedule a fitting session at a time that is convenient for you.

Please take a look at our webpage in further detail. More tons of benefits about all of our items & services may be found in the various parts of our website.

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