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Here Are a Few Things You Should Know About HDB Fire Rated Main Doors Before You Install One

Why not start by changing the main door with fire-rated doors? This would be a great option and safety measure you can give to your family. However, because there are so many various door styles to choose from, most homeowners might not convince about installing a fire-rated main door as their main door gate.

We have compiled a few key criteria in our today’s article for those who are unsure to choose and install a fire-resistant door. Keep an eye out for additional information on them.

Types of Fire-Rated Door –

Below we have mentioned the most popular types of fire-rated doors. Let’s check them out-

  • Swing Doors.
  • Sliding Fire Rated Doors.
  • Guillotine Fire Rated Doors.

We have compiled a collection of interesting facts about fire-rated doors to assist you to overcome any doubts you might have about installing one. These are as follows-

  1. Is It Possible To Paint Fire Doors? –

Fire-rated doors are functional doors, and these doors are well-fitted with fireproof locks, hinges, and essential fixing tools. You will get a simple coated fire-rated main door but if you wish to re-paint the fire-rated main doo, then you can proceed. It comes with a regular varnish coating that gives a protective shield so that it will last longer without any damage. But you can apply decorative paints to it according to your wish.

Make sure that you are not choosing any types of chemical-based paint that might react with the fire-rated main door that you have chosen. You can seek advice from a reputed manufacturer of fire-rated main doors in Singapore and install a functional fireproof main door at your HDB apartment.

  1. Look For the Right Door Material –

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about upgrading our home and choosing a door material is wood. Among the other door materials, wood is the most preferred for interior use as it gives a sophisticated look. Of course, you must have a personal refurbishment strategy. But you can try other fire-rated door materials as well.

There are numerous options available when looking for a fireproof main door for your HDB apartment. You have complete freedom to collect ideas and calculate your design based on your budget. For an accurate fireproof main door, consult with a reputed and well-experienced fire-rated main door in Singapore and choose accordingly.

  1. It’s Important to Think About the Upkeep Process –

A component that saves lives demands more upkeep by definition. You should exercise caution when installing a fire-resistant hdb main door. For all areas of your fire-resistant doors, expert intervention is essential. All of the fire-resistant doors have undergone stringent quality checks.

After getting certification from an authentic lab testing procedure, fire-rated doors are distributed to the market. As a result, it’s only natural to be concerned about the repair of the fireproof door. Only a competent fire-rated door manufacturer can guide you better about its maintenance process. If you also looking for hdb bedroom door price you can also ask the certified door manufacturer.

  1. Specifications –

When considering installing a fire-rated main door, you must examine a variety of factors. According to many documented evidence, the most common cause of death during a fire is massive suffocation due to smoke. As a result, always choose a fire-rated door with smoke seals surrounding the door seals.

When smoke appears and people are forced to breathe, it is quite beneficial. If you want to install a fireproof main door for your HDB apartment, make sure to communicate these parameters to a trusted and certified door supplier.

  1. Who Is Capable Of Installing Fire Doors? –

The installation of the main door will protect your family and your entire property from unexpected fire accidents. Everything should be extraordinary, top-quality, and authorized, even the contractor. Our dream home can be renovated once or twice throughout our lives, according to our mood and of course the budget.

Therefore, one must pay focus while selecting a door installer. You can talk to your friends and take their valuable suggestions on it or research online and go through the official websites of door installers one by one with focused eyes. Always contact a skilled and experienced fire-resistant door installer who can install such doors with precision. Installation of fire-rated doors required enough joinery skills and experience. If you are not satisfied with the results of your first session, you can speak with contractors.

  1. Measure the Location of the Opening –

This is the most important issue when upgrading and installing HDB fire-resistant doors. The key to finding the ideal main door gate is to take accurate measurements of the opening’s height and width, as well as if there is any gap is needed in both directions. However, the distance between the top and bottom sides is not equal, and the floor is not level.

Therefore, you must carefully measure and mark each level. If you hold enough experience then you can take measurements on your own, otherwise, it is highly recommended to call for professional help from a reputed and well-experienced fire-rated main door in Singapore.

  1. Is It Possible To Leave The Fire Doors Open? –

Fire-resistant main doors can be open if there is legal permission taken during the installation process. It will be quite troublesome to wedge open fire doors. Fire-resistant doors are featured with an immediately close feature when a fire will break out. If you use a fire door retainer then only you can ensure that the fire door will automatically shut down when a fire is spread out. But the entire process can be done under legal norms.

Few Last Words –

We tried to give you an overall idea of what a fire-rated door is like and what factors you should keep in mind while you are planning to install one at your HDB apartment. We hope the information presented above clarifies your initial impression of a fire-rated door.

So when it comes to installing doors, you should seek the advice of an expert. So that you can choose the best quality door for your home at a low cost.

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