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Hearing Aids: What, Why & When?

A person’s hearing loss might be considered when designing hearing aids. After the hearing evaluation has been completed, hearing aids are adjusted according to the level and pattern of hearing loss identified in the test results

The programming and loudness of digital hearing aids can be changed automatically to provide better hearing in different situations. This article will discuss more hearing aids in Adelaide and elsewhere

So if you want to know more about how it works and who can use them, read the article until the end! 

Who Needs Hearing Aids?

The Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) acknowledges five categories of hearing loss, from normal hearing to significant hearing loss. The second category of hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, is where a hearing specialist at Adelaide hearing may begin recommending a hearing aid per the HHF.

  • You may find hearing sounds between 41 and 55 dB challenging, like a refrigerator humming or everyday conversation, if you have moderate hearing loss.
  • When you have moderately severe hearing loss, you have trouble hearing sounds between 56 and 70 dB quiet, such as a nearby dishwasher or washing machine. Without a hearing aid, you won’t be able to hear speech, claims the HHF.
  • If you have significant hearing loss, it will be difficult to hear sounds between 71 and 90 decibels, like a motorcycle passing by. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, the speech will be inaudible without a hearing aid or a medically implanted hearing device.

How Hearing Aids Work

  1. Nearby sounds are captured via microphones
  2. The processing chip is adjusted to your specific type of hearing loss after sound analysis.
  3. Sound processing is sent to the amplifier.
  4. Sound is sent to the speaker after being amplified.
  5. The speaker sends sound waves into the inner ear through tubing in an ear mold placed in the ear canal or through a thin wire to a receiver placed inside the ear.
  6. Sounds are converted into electrical impulses in the inner ear.
  7. The brain detects electrical impulses and converts them into sound.

The design and composition of every hearing aid in Adelaide are the same. The quality of sound capture and speech understanding can vary significantly between various device kinds. 

Additional and unique features can provide a more natural listening experience, including wider bandwidths, automatic volume adjustment, noise management, and feedback suppression.

Hearing Aids Styles 

In terms of price, size, features, and insertion techniques, hearing aids come in a wide range. Here are several typical hearing aid designs, starting with the tiniest and least noticeable in the ear. 

To satisfy consumer desire for a hearing aid that is barely perceptible, hearing aid manufacturers are creating smaller hearing aids. However, it’s possible that the smaller aids won’t be able to provide you with the increased hearing you might hope for. 


Your brain won’t have to work as hard to process sounds thanks to hearing aids. This can improve your hearing while also easing other medical concerns. If you’re a business looking for ways to help your customers, hearing aids are a great product to think about.

So if you are looking for hearing aids, we highly recommend you check Adelaide hearing for the best quality.

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