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There are a myriad of factors that determine health triangle. Certain are outside of your control, such as genetics. Certain aspects are within your control like your behavior.

Do not get caught up in those that you aren’t in control of. Make sure you focus on what you can do to improve your well-being. Here’s an overview of the factors of health:

1. Biology and Genetics

  • The inheritance of conditions is a key aspect of health, and it can determine an individual’s biochemical reactions throughout their lives
  • Age and gender inequalities can cause inequality in income and access to health treatment

2. Environment

  • accessibility to healthcare services and other health care services
  • access to nutritious foods and drinking water that is clean
  • decent living conditions for living.
  • having a steady income to cover your expenses

3. Attitude

  • attitudes towards pain, illness and the ill-fated
  • perception of body image and the opinions about body image, diet, and

4. Behavior

  • practicing personal self-care
  • eating a healthy diet regularly
  • maintaining a consistent level of physical activity
  • Beware of high-risk behaviors such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes

5. Technology

  • fitness trackers can give you information and inspire you to become more active.
  • the excessive use of technology may cause the eyestrain (headaches or dry eyes)
  • sleep disorders as well as other mental health issues could be caused through the use of electronic devices.

6. Social Support Network

  • the support of family and friends
  • local support programs

3 Type Of Health Triangle


I can get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep every night

I consume a balanced diet that includes a balanced breakfast

My body and my teeth regularly clean

I try to do at minimum 30 minutes of any kind of exercise each day.

Stay clear of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other narcotics

I visit a doctor as well as a dentist regularly for checkups and exams


I usually feel comfortable with myself and am happy with who I am.

Also able to express my emotions in a calm and clear manner even when I’m angry or sad.

And accept constructive criticism

I’m sure that I can find at a minimum one activity I like doing alone

I am aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors

I love to learn to think about things that are new and learn new abilities.


I have at the very least one friend who I maintain contact with on a regular basis.

My actions show respect, and love for my family and friends.

I’m able to disagree with people without becoming angry

I’m a great listener and can effectively communicate with other people.

I receive support from other people whenever I require it.

I will say no when I am asked to do something that I am uncomfortable about

Check the total number of times you have answered “Yes” for each aspect of the health triangle. This number is your score for each component.

Illustrate Your Health Triangle

It is possible to draw your health triangle according to the score. If you got 5 points in the physical examination, draw a line that goes up to 5 .

Repeat this process for all sides of the triangle. After all three lines have been drawn draw a triangle that connects the lines at the end to form an overall health triangular.

Your health triangle ought to appear like this:

Analyze Your Results

Consider your triangle, and then describe how your Gadget check overall health appears to be from the outcomes. Make a note of the following points:

Do you think your triangle of health contain equal sides?

Is there a specific area in which you excel in?

Are there areas you’d like to improve in?

Strengths and Weaknesses


Write down what you are good at in each part in the triangle of health. Think about the strengths you possess in relation to how you see yourself as well as your results from this health triangle.

Find out ways to keep each of these strengths. Consider the things you’re already doing well or love doing.


Check the weaknesses you have in every aspect that make up the healthy triangle. Which areas do you think you’re lacking in or tackle? Determine how you can make improvements on these areas of weakness.

If you’re having difficulty finding ways to improve or maintain every aspect of your health check out the next section in which we go over a number of strategies to ensure a healthy health triangle.

How to Maintain a Balanced Health Triangle

Once you have identified the areas in which you’re not doing well from the assessment of your health triangle then focus on the part that needs the greatest improvement.

Every one of them is crucial to ensure a balanced way of life and maintaining a healthy health triangle.

If you’ve only been focused on your physical health take a look at improving your social and mental well-being too.

Maintain Mental Health

Stress at work, school or even relationships can lead to poor mental health. So, it’s essential to develop healthy methods to deal with stress. Here are a few examples of how you can improve your mental health

Treat Mental Illnesses Seriously

The treatment of mental illness as physical ailments is essential. Get help from family and friends. assistance or seek assistance from a professional if needed.

Build Resilience

Develop resilient with the help of prioritizing connection boost self-esteem and reduce shame.

Practice Self-Care

Be aware to your thought patterns and feelings, practice self-care by controlling your behavior and emotions.

This could comprise recording your thoughts or working through your emotions through talking about it, and tackling anxiety or stressful situations.

Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness can help you relax and help you focus your mind. Through increasing awareness, being more accepting and open, and being at the moment can lead to an improved mindset.

Increase Happiness

You can tap into some of those four happiness chemicals by participating in activities and pursuits that you like.

Being outside performing a creative activity or simply listening to music are only some examples.

Physical Activity

Physical exercise not only brings physical benefits, it can also relieve anxiety, stress and tension that has built up.

Yoga stretching, stretching, or any other physical activity you enjoy are beneficial.

Build a Support Network

Create a supportive network of family and friends who can help, advise or just have fun with.

Maintain Physical Health

There are many aspects to keeping your body in good health. This includes diet and nutrition as well as exercise, hygiene, and sleeping. Here are a few examples of ways to improve your health and fitness:

Nutrition and Diet

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is vital for growth and energy. Your immune system is healthy, which means you’re less likely to fall ill.

Stay Hydrated

Women require nine to 12 cups of water per day, men require 11-15 cups of fluids per day. Being hydrated helps keep your body healthy and improves sleep quality.

Hydration helps to maintain body temperature, keep you calm, purifies the body fluids of toxins and helps regulate your mood.


Physical activity regularly is vital for maintaining the health of your life style. 30 minutes of regular exercise is suggested. It doesn’t have to be an intense exercise, but simply walking around can be beneficial.

Additionally, you should include physical activity throughout the day. Regular breaks to take a break from your desk and walk to grab a drink or take a trip to the bathroom goes quite a ways.


A night of sleep that lasts 7-9 hours will provide your body with the time it needs. Sleeping in and getting up at the same time each day will help you maintain your good sleep routines.

Do not engage in activities that make you stay awake until nighttime bedtime, for example, making use of electronic gadgets.


Washing your hands and showering can help ensure that you have a healthy and clean environment. It keeps your body clear and less likely to transmit germs.

Brushing Your Teeth

Make sure you floss and brush every day for good dental hygiene. This can help keep your mouth clean and helps prevent gum disease.


Make sure you take care of your skin with sunscreen when you’re out in the sun. Sunscreen can protect your skin, reduces the risk of developing skin cancer and also helps prevent premature ageing.

Doctor Checkups

Regular visits to the doctor can help ensure that you’re in good shape. The doctor is usually monitoring the blood pressure, check for physical signs and other indicators of health.

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