Halloween costume ideas for women for a fun and feminine look!

To trick or to treat!

This October 31, 2021, wear something scary but not the new stuff. Let’s say you are a person who loves Halloween and always gets the best looks for the day. You might have worn the most worn costumes that have been part of this event for quite some time now. And they are hard to beat costumes even to this day. There are many costume ideas on the internet for Halloween, so you can either scare your friends. Or “Trick or Treat” with them. Halloween feels empty without dressing up. Or without candies. So take out your best look this year, and rock the night away. This is one night in the year you can be as facetious as you like. And the plus point. No one will take offense. So with all the drama going around, all you have to do is to find the right costume. All men, women, and children can have a blast on Halloween!

The Looks to sport

Wear some scary looks; that is the oldest trick in the book. Another hack is to just go with the horror movie costume. Costumes from some of the movies are the best ones to wear on Halloween. You can get the costume from your favorite classic movie. You are going to enjoy this Halloween like never before. Classic movies are cheesy and spooky at the same time. Due to Covid 19, we won’t have the chance to enjoy the event like in old times. Everyone managed the situation pretty wisely. Everyone is hoping for great things and quality time with friends and family this year. If this year, things go smoothly, let’s take a quick look at some of the classic movie Halloween costume ideas for women that are still worn by many on Halloween. And can also be a great costume idea for you.


The 1996 horror movie is still one of the best movies that many people watch each year. Since its release, we all have seen several Ghost Face costumes running on the streets with the candy bucket in their hands. The reason this 20 years old costume is still around is because this movie has that scary punch. Even harsh critics praised it! Plus, this is one of the most straightforward costumes to put on.

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th is no unfamiliar name to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you watch horror movies or not. You might have heard this name at least once. The costume from this horror movie is by far one of the most scary-looking, straightforward, and amazing. The outfit consists of a somewhat similar mask that an ice hockey goalie wears. And a scary machete knife with blood all over it. Lastly, a leather jacket. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of the best costumes to consider for this Halloween. Nothing else will replace this franchise or the costume if you are really into horror movies. 

Nightmare on Elm Street

Now we are talking. A classic movie that gave nightmares a whole different perception (more of a scary one). Despite the fact, this 1984 movie is still a must-watch horror movie. After its release, this was the crown jewel of Halloween as it is not an easy costume to nail. It has nail-like things attached to its fingertips, giving it that terrifying look. It is true; finding the burned face mask of the character is no easy task overall. The whole look is hard to accomplish, but an enthusiastic costume lover can nail it. If you manage to get the look together, it is a costume that will set a bar that will make your whole Halloween to a whole new level.

Jeepers Creepers

This is a 2001 horror movie. Well, probably the most horror and fun to watch movie of its time. Halloween is just on the horizon, and if you haven’t decided yet, what will be your costume. If you are a huge fan of Jeepers Creepers, then try dressing like that. Absolutely nothing can replace the eerie look. To nail this look, you have to get an accurate screen mask because this is what will make your look spooky. The demon-ish wings and dreadful-looking axe are a must if you want to scare off your friends. If you have nailed everything, wear the coat, the mask, wings, and axe. You can easily get behind with a simple trench coat but keep Creeper’s coat’s original dark brown tone.


The staple looks for Halloween worn around the world is the Frankenstein classic movie. Over the years, we have seen several recreations of this character, and each one is better than the last one. This less Hulk creature has been one of the first choices of millions to replicate the looks of on All Hallows Day. Now a fun fact; do you know that there was a mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein? And the tales are that he actually created a Sapient creature. But this isn’t what started all this, but it was Percy Bysshe Shelley who actually wrote about it, and her work was published anonymously in 1818 and what is fascinating is that she was only 20 at that time. So from every year forward, there were millions of Frankenstein wandering around every street, parties, bars. Well, everywhere on All Hallows Eve to find that last piece he’s been missing for all these years, his soul— oooohhhh, spooky. Captain Robert Walton, a researcher obsessed with a manic desire to reach the North Pole at all costs, meets Dr. Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic desert, in pursuit of a mysterious humanoid creature.

To conclude

You can get many ideas from the internet, even some unique ones. But wearing something from a classic movie is always a great experience as everyone has something to relate to. More importantly, you don’t have to explain your costume to every other person. Men always find the best ways to complete their costumes. But ladies sometimes struggle with their outfits; no worries, several sites offer Halloween costume ideas out there, so you are all covered up.

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