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Grow a Business: 4 Ways to Take a Law Firm to the Next Level

There are 1,352,027 lawyers currently practicing law in the United States. Some of these lawyers work for businesses and others for large national law firms. However, many work for single attorney firms or those with only a handful of lawyers.

For these small firms, it can be hard to know how to grow a business, which is what they have. It takes more than being a good lawyer to grow your law firm into a successful business.

Consider these growth strategies for taking your small law firm to the next level.

1. Increase Online Visibility

If you want your law firm to have client growth, then you need to increase your lead generation. To do this, you need to be where your potential clients are, and that is online. Modern law firm marketing focuses on improving digital visibility and presence. This goes beyond just having a website or social media account.

You should develop a content creation plan that includes informative and useful content. This helps to develop your presence through SEO. Your marketing plan should also include paid online advertising to generate leads while your SEO plan develops and gains momentum.

2. Optimize Your Website

Don’t settle for just any old generic website. You want your law firm to stand out with a professional website that looks different from the other law firms in your area. Your website also needs to be optimized to perform as an asset for your law firm.

When someone visits your website, there should be plenty of content for them to read and learn from. This establishes authority and trust. It should also have calls to action encouraging people to request a consultation to help you gather leads.

3. Create Focus and Urgency

As a lawyer, you have a sense of urgency and priority when it comes to handling legal matters for your clients. Think of your firm as your client and approach its growth with the same sense of urgency. No one ever wishes they had waited to grow a law firm.

Don’t allow yourself to lose focus of your business growth because of caseload volume, seasonality, or any other excuse.

4. Think of It Like a Business

One of the biggest failings of law school is that students don’t get an education in business. This is a problem when a majority of law students come from an undergraduate major that isn’t business-oriented. It leaves people sorely lacking in the necessary skills to run a business.

If you want your law firm to grow and become profitable, you need to think of it as a business. Look at reports that outline operating costs, profits, losses, and any other metrics relating to the operation of your business.

Grow Your Law Firm Like You Would Grow a Business

Once you know how to grow a business, you can apply the same principles to grow your law firm. Focus on improving and increasing its online presence, optimize your website, take risks, and treat your law firm like a business. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent and keep growing as a priority.

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