Google Associate Cloud Engineer – A Complete Guide

Google Cloud technology is very popular in today’s age. This makes it quite difficult to find a job in this industry. Google, which entered the sector in 2012, is one of today’s most popular cloud platforms. Google Cloud Certifications was created to assist aspirants in pursuing rewarding careers.

It teaches individuals about enterprise management, application deployment, monitoring, and operation monitoring. This certification enhances individuals’ ability to use Google Cloud Console and Command Line Interface.

You will discover a wealth of benefits by obtaining this certification. This article will help you understand the key attributes of the certification.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Overview

This certification exam will help you to improve your skills and knowledge in setting up, configuring, configuring and deploying cloud solutions. This certification will also test your abilities to operate the cloud solution and provide security configurations.

The exam lasts for 2 hours and registration costs $125. This exam can be taken in English, Japanese, or Spanish. You can take the exam in MCQ format online or at a local center. For the exam, you will be permitted to choose from your nearest test center.

You have two options for delivering the exam. The other option is to have the exam proctored remotely. There are certain requirements that you need to check before taking up the online exam delivery option. You can also take an in-person exam at a test centre in the presence a proctor.

You do not need to have any prerequisites in order to take this certification exam. However, it is recommended that you have at least six months experience in the operation of Google Cloud. It is also a good idea to be familiar with concepts like containers, networking, virtual machines, and other related topics. It is crucial that you have a good understanding of the exam and your options before taking the exam.

This Google Cloud Certification can help you improve your skills, regardless of whether you are a data engineer, data developer, or data architect. This certification is for those who are interested in a career in Cloud Technologies.

Objectives for Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

This certification teaches people how to use GCP services and resources to operate a cloud solution.

Google will issue an authorized certificate to candidates who pass the exam. It is an informal examination that tests your knowledge in cloud computing. To be able to pass the exam in one go, candidates must master certain concepts and areas.

  • Learn how to set up the cloud solution environment in an enterprise.
  • Plan to implement and configure cloud solutions.
  • Implementation and deployment a cloud-based solution.
  • Cloud solutions must be able to seamlessly operate by executing the necessary attributes.
  • Security and accessibility details.

You must master and apply the core concepts of each learning path to pass the exam in the first attempt. These concepts are included in the above-described learning paths.

  1. Setting up the Environment Embedded With Cloud Solution:

This learning path will prepare you for topics such as:

  • Configuring and creating cloud accounts.
  • Configuration of billing and management aspects
  • Install and configure the command-line interface.
  1. Design & Configure the Cloud Solutions

This learning path will prepare you for the following concepts:

  • Plan and configure computing resources, network resources, data storage options, and other resources.
  • To plan and estimate GCP product usage, use the price calculator
  1. Implement and deploy Cloud Solution

This learning path will prepare you for the following concepts:

  • Implementation and deployment of Google Kubernetes Engine resources.
  • Cloud launcher and deployment manger are used for solution deployment and application delivery, respectively.
  1. Operation of Diverse Cloud Solutions

This learning path will prepare you for the resource management concepts:

  • Compute Engine
  • Data Solutions
  • App Engine
  • Google Kubernetes
  • Network Resource
  • Logging and monitoring management.
  1. Security Configuration

This learning path will prepare you for concepts such as:

  • Management of service accounts
  • Management of identity and access
  • Audit logs for managed service and cloud projects.

These are the short exam objectives you will need to master in order to obtain this certification. These are the areas you should be focusing on in order to pass this certification exam quickly.

Step-By-Step Preparation Guide for Clearing Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam

You will also need a schedule and a guide to help you prepare for the exam. This step-by-step guide will help you improve your study habits for this certification.

Step 1 – Gain Experience with Google Cloud

Although there are no prerequisites to the Google Associate Cloud Engine exam, you will still need to experience different Google Cloud products and solutions. Google Cloud is offering a GCP free tier to let you learn how to build solutions on different cloud products. Although there are monthly limitations, it can be very productive and give you real-world experience with cloud products. You will soon be preparing for the Google ACE exam by signing up for the free tier.

Step 2 – Understand the Exam Guidelines

Once you have mastered the basics of Google Cloud products, it is time to take the exam. Questions are based on selected areas of the ACE exam. The exam instructions and elaborations above should be read. Therefore, check out the exam guide for ACE certification.

Step 3 – Practice the Sample Questions

To assess your preparation, you should practice the sample questions. The sample questions will be in exam format, and it will prepare you to face the difficult level in the main examination.

Step 4 – Take the appropriate training to master the fundamentals

Google Cloud offers excellent training through learning paths, modules, webinars, and other resources. The learning path of Google Cloud consists of detailed modules and steps to explain to you the core concepts associated with the preparation of ACE certification.

You can also arrange to attend a webinar via the official Google Cloud site. You will have to sign-up for the webinar, and the scheduling details will be given to you then. Additional resources are available in the form study guides and preparatory modules that will help candidates prepare for this certification.

Step 5 – Take up the Specified Preparatory course for ACE Examination

This course will also help you determine if you are ready to take the exam. Once you are confident, schedule your exam.

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