Google Adwords vs SEO in 2021

Google Adwords vs SEO in 2021

Let generate traffic and promote it for internet users. When searching for promotion of a site, two options to generate web traffic appear on the horizon: search engine optimization or SEO, and search engine marketing, represented by the most popular online advertising service, Google Adwords vs SEO

They are usually imagined standing on opposite verdicts and working in a differentiated way. Although companies tend to lean towards one or the other, in reality, Google Adwords vs SEO complement each other. Both can be considered together to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the advertising platform of the firm Google. Advertisers looking to use this ad platform aim to place their promotions on different Google search results pages.

Likewise, the platform connects with products derived from the search engine, such as YouTube or Gmail, among others. There are also thousands of sites that are part of the AdWords program as publishers, such as websites that want to serve third-party ads through the Google Adsense service.

In terms of cost or form of use, the advertiser can opt for two different systems. The first is to pay when someone clicks on your ad called cost-per-click (CPC). Then we have the option to pay when people see your ad, the so-called cost-per-impression (CPM).

Adwords conducts a constant auction where advertisers compete for the places available to advertise their businesses.

Google AdWords pros and cons

If we start from the base that many websites are competing for the first places in the most popular search engines, we conclude that Google AdWords helps to compete. Ads often have better opportunities to exposure to a target audience, especially when using competitive keywords.

Once an AdWords campaign is established, then the Google search engine checks your ads instantly to get started, so you get traffic when you deploy ads to highlights on the search results page. Results in web traffic may begin to be seen in the short term, but once the service is no longer paid for, the number of visitors from this source unseat.

However, there may always be some drawbacks. There is a fee to place ads on the AdWords network. Thus, if your ads aren’t targeted correctly or you don’t use relevant keywords, you could drain money incorrectly or without profit from your marketing budget. Non-compliance can mean deactivating your AdWords account, so it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions of service to avoid taking nasty surprises.


Search engine optimization aims to better search engine results pages such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, among others. To achieve this, you need to make sure that the search engine indexes your own website and that it is positioned by keywords relevant to your target audience.

SEO pros and cons

In general, the pros of an SEO service are usually extensive. We are talking about an effective method in the benefit ratio of your website. Please note that if keywords are frequently searched, there is the possibility to receive increased traffic on your page that you can use to increase your revenue through advertising or the sale of any product or service. Many SEO strategies can be adaptable to your online business.

On the other hand, SEO requires constant effort, as the results are seen in the medium and long term. That is, the results harvested today began to be planted months ago. This implies that improving the SEO of a website is a work of continuous effort. However, its effects can produce a positioning that can be maintained for a specific time if it is interrupted.

When it comes to SEO cons as its main primary source of digital marketing, we find the breadth of words. If you are heading to a very competitive keyword, then your chance to get into it could below, so it may take months before you see any traffic thanks to them or even never achieve it.

On the other hand, the constant change in search engines can lead to moving from the first position on the second or third page in

  • Search Engine Optimization

    s much more expeditious than SEO, creating advertising campaigns almost instantly and starting receiving traffic. At the same time, with SEO, it takes much more time, especially for new websites, to get a good rating and traffic.

a matter of days. To solve this problem, traffic must not depend mainly on a single search engine but comes from various sources, such as a search engine, social networks, blogs, etc.

SEO vs. Google AdWords

Knowing that each of the different methods of web positioning is based, and of which are its various pros and cons. We’re in the are

Adwords is for Google sites and websites that use Google Adsense, while SEO search principles apply to all search engines.

    • Traffic through Adwords comes at a cost while SEO traffic is free, although Google is not actually paid for this web traffic. However, an agency is usually paid to do the work of optimizing your website.
    • Adwords ads appear at the top and right of Google Search,
    • Google Adwords is much more expeditious than SEO, creating advertising campaigns almost instantly and starting receiving traffic. At the same time, with SEO, it takes much more time, especially for new websites, to get a good rating and traffic.
    • Using Adwords makes it easier to calculate return on investment. In contrast, SEO makes it much more complicated because many more factors play a role, not just spending and revenue.
    • When Google AdWords campaigns are left, traffic stops; however, once you start receiving organic traffic.
    • Using Adwords, you can target many keywords simultaneously, while with SEO, you need to know how to focus on a few keywords to get good results..

Google Adwords and SEO: together or separated?

Both Google Adwords vs SEO are complementary resources to each other. Through SEO, you can direct a lot of traffic to your website. If your SEO strategy is taking longer than expected, you can use AdWords to support your campaign. Google AdWords can also help drive traffic on competitive niches.

AdWords’ most significant advantage over SEO is getting fast results in web positioning, and as a result, you can increase traffic on your website in no time. For new or looking to get traffic by aiming quickly to improve sales and find new customers, AdWords is ideal for ppc expert services.

It is essential to be sorted and organized when using AdWords, as it is easy to spend money in excess. If its monitoring and control tools are not used properly, you can end up making losses instead of profits.

Many people talk or argue about using both methods together. Even with a good SEO rating, you can use AdWords.

And get better exposure for those keywords by which you get traffic through SEO.

Both Google Adwords vs SEO are no opposite. They are two powerful tools available for digital marketing. AdWords could be used to get started with fast traffic. Work in parallel with SEO and a social media campaign. To achieve sustainable results in the medium and long term to achieve sustainable success over time.

That’s why the combination of both is ideal because while SEO will give you good organic rankings over time. Adwords will allow immediate visibility to achieve specific goals such as a one-off campaign or a product service.



The Internet has essentially turned the world into a global village, where everything and everyone is connected. If utilized right, it is teeming with opportunities for blooming businesses and startups. Overall it is an entire industry we can benefit from on a mass level. We recognize this opportunity and bring you all the tools and necessary information you need to make the most out of it.

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