Go Digital: How to Create a Productive Workplace for Remote Employees

Over four million Americans work remotely, which means businesses must adapt to these changing times.

A major concern business owners have is optimizing their employees’ productivity as it’s harder to manage online. Luckily, there are many ways team members can improve their workflow and continuously produce premium-quality work. Perhaps your team has started working from home, but you’re not sure how to ensure they stay productive.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to create a productive workplace for remote employees.

Set Priorities

When managing remote employees, it’s important to ask your team to set priorities. Make sure employees have a to-do list every day so they don’t get overwhelmed with their workload. And to make sure your remote worker is productive, regularly check in during the day so they can notify you of any issues.

Only Work Within Office Hours

Although the office has transformed into a digital workplace, it doesn’t mean you ask employees to work outside of office hours. Boundaries are essential so encourage your team to turn off their computer or stop responding to work emails in the evening. If not, your team will become burnt out and resentful of the company.

Use Time-Tracking Tools

If you’re not sure how to engage remote employees, use managed services and time-tracking tools to help you. You can see how each individual spends their work time and how often they’re taking breaks. Plus, you can track sales employees who take calls as it lets you see the total number of calls and how it relates to their work.

Encourage Regular Breaks

The key to productivity is taking regular breaks so encourage your team to schedule these in. This gives employees time to recharge and refuel so they can return stronger. You should also suggest team members go for a walk or spend their lunch outside to clear their minds.

Give Your Team More Autonomy

Regardless of whether you’re working with a remote or hybrid worker, leaders must give their team autonomy. Although it’s tempting to bombard your team with messages all day, this could slow down your team’s productivity and annoy them. Instead, contact them sparingly and trust them to complete their task as it shows you value their independence.

Use Meetings Wisely

Remote teams rely on video calls for meetings but you must do so sparingly. Don’t arrange multiple meetings every day as it will disrupt your team’s workflow. Instead, do a quick catch-up every morning and if you need anyone during the day, shoot them a message.

Adapt for Remote Employees Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to boost the productivity of your remote employees.

Make sure you encourage your team to set priorities, take regular breaks, and only work within the designated hours. You should also minimize meetings and give employees more autonomy over their workload. Good luck!

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