Give your walls a glamorous look with white wallpaper

For the furniture or the dividers present between your rooms, the walls do not only serve as the mere enclosures. It is with your walls that you and your family live in spending each day of your life. The frequency of your mood is well-influenced by your selection of furniture. There is very little reason why any family should have exactly what they like with the wide range of wall coverings available especially the white wallpaper. The luxury of leather or with the simplicity of paint, they are all easy to apply whether you are choosing the dignity of mahogany or walnut paneling.


Several homeowners each year turn to wallpaper while redecorating due to its variety, attractiveness, and the ease of application. Through the long-lasting surface, washable papers, many of which are trimmed already offer some handsome finishes. The fabric-supported type of paper can help in hiding the imperfections in the ceiling but as the house settles in, the paper stretches and conceals the minor cracks since the ceiling wallpapers create some interesting decorative effects.

Application of wallpapers

By placing a panel of plywood right over a table or laying it between the two sawhorses, you can easily improvise a long table. The straightedge is one of the useful tools that is also included. You can also make one yourself from 14 gauge steep as a plasterer’s mitering rod works its best.

You need to ensure that the surface of the wallpaper should be smooth, even, and dry. Removal of all the loose paper and the edge and sand along the seams should be done for avoiding the ridges later is the wall was papered previously. You also need to check the holes, bulges, and cracks should be checked and any defects should be mended, you should also remember that the application of the wallpaper size to the new spots of plaster and any unpainted dry, porous plaster should be made. You also need to roughen it slightly with the sandpaper before papering if the wall was enameled or finished off with glossy paint.

You need to mark by matching the guidelines with a light pencil at both the ends of the roll if your paper is not pre-trimmed. Using a straightedge and razor the edges need to be trimmed.

Words of advice

You need not have to throw away the extra pieces of wallpaper as they can be used later for covering the switch and the outlets plates. All that you need here is a screwdriver, scissors, some rubber cement. You can easily take a professional help for the placement of the wallpapers. You can redefine the look of your walls with the addition of wallpapers that not only appear to be trendy but also show off your class.

Home décor is specifically loved by all and making it appealing is the major lookout for several homeowners. With some great ideas, one can easily get the things done and make their home look at it best without causing a hole in their pockets.

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