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Get Details About The Working Of ETA Subclass 601

We can now do the application for an Australian visa through the internet. The ministry of Immigration has arranged for the application and award of visas through the electronic channel. This visa is named ETA Subclass 601, otherwise known as the Visa Subclass 601. The ‘ETA’ stands for ‘electronic travel authority. This visa not only negates the need to issue paper visas but also reduces the need to prepare extensive documents and standing in a queue. We can apply for a visa Subclass 601 to fulfil any business purpose or during a vacation.

Scant information about this visa

Citizens of almost all countries require a visa before legally entering Australia. However, the citizens of New Zealand are free from this rule.
The ETA 601 visa is available for eight specific countries of the world, where they can avail the benefits of this visa, subject to the fulfilment of the related condition. For European countries, the evisitor (subclass 651) visa is available online.

A passport from the eligible country must accompany the request for an ETA. It should be valid for at least 3 months upon entry to Australia.
We can give some of the conditions or requirements for applying for the visitor visa 601 as:

  •          They divide an Australian visa into categories depending upon the nationality of the applicant, the duration of the stay, and the purpose of the visit. For this visa, the reason for the visit must be business or tourism.
  •         The duration of stay allowed is a maximum of 90 days consecutively. The validity of the visa extends up to 12 months from the issue, and it has a multiple entry allowance clause included. It does not allow the bearer to work, study, or live in Australia for any period.

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The Australian visa requirements

To apply for 601 visa, the applicant must belong in an eligible country with a valid passport. As part of the mandatory visa requirement for visa subclass 601, the citizens of the qualified country have to provide the following information:

  •         The applicants will have to provide certain personal information and every required data from their passport information page.
  •         The candidates will need to fill up contact details, including their contact number or e-mail address. Address of a physical residence may also required.
  •         They may have to clarify some questions about their criminal history if any, and the history of their health.
  •         The candidate will also need a valid debit or credit card to pay the fees.

The data provided must be double-checked to reduce the processing time and any delay or cancellation of the visa application.

The eligible countries for 601 visa

As stated earlier, 8 countries can apply for the 601 visas online. For European countries, we can do the same through the eVisitor visa. For all other countries, excluding Somalia, the applicants will have to apply in person. The 8 among the 45 countries who can apply for the ETA visa can be listed as:

  •         United States
  •         Canada
  •         Japan
  •         Brunei
  •         Malaysia
  •         Singapore
  •         South Korea
  •         Hong Kong

Health requirements for travelling

The Australian government requires the applicants to pass certain health requirements before the visa can be granted. The fundamental requirement for this condition is that the applicant must be free from ailments or conditions that can:

  •         Become a public health threat or a danger to the Australian community.
  •         Cause substantial healthcare costs or community service requirements.
  •         Need services or care that can then become unavailable to the citizens and permanent residents of Australia.

The Medical officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) will check the eligibility through the required health examination. An undertaking may have to be signed by people having serious health conditions that require them to check their health from time to time by an onshore healthcare provider. This becomes valid if the applicant:

  •         Had their fitness inspections outside Australia.
  •         Is considering an application for a protection visa for Australia.
  •         Is at amplified risk of contracting active tuberculosis.
  •         Has a substantial health disorder such as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B or C, or Hansen’s disease.

Some visa types also require the family members of the visa applicants to undergo the health requirement checks, even if they will not migrate to Australia.
Truthfully, for the general people, these rules can become confusing. So, it is better to consult with an experienced Visa Consultant Perth before proceeding with the application.

What can you do with an ETA?

The Australian ETA 601 visa is valid for the following reasons, besides business or tourism, as follows;

  •         Entering Australia as part of a cruise holiday (the time spent on the cruise will consider the time spent in Australia.
  •         Visiting family or friends present in Australia.
  •         Attending a conference, seminar, or trade fair, provided the applicant is not being paid for attending.
  •         Studying or completing a course provided it is not the major reason for visiting Australia. In such cases, a student visa will be the visa of choice.
  •          Taking part in volunteer work, provided that the applicant is not receiving any payment for the same.

The eligibility of an applicant becomes void if he or she has spent at least one year in imprisonment. However, they can apply through other visas, like visitor visas. For more information on the same discussion with an immigration Consultant Perth will be the most effective.

After application

Depending upon the documents provided and the information required, the applicant will receive the ETA through e-mail. Otherwise, they may receive one of the two intimations:

  •          We have referred the application to the authority for further assessment. They can then check the status of the application through the related online portal.
  •         The applicant will have to apply again.

Upon receiving the application, a printout may be taken and presented at the border control upon entering the country, along with the filled-in information page, and the valid passport. It would be better to take the help of a proficient Migration Agent Perth for an error-free application.

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