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GB Whatsapp, Become the Best WA Mod in 2021

The appearance of GB Whatsapp is similar to standard WhatsApp, but when we click on the three vertical dots (menu option) on the top right (first image), the GB Settings menu will appear. Also Read: Alert! 9 Applications on Android That Can Threat Your Bank Account!

Here’s how to use GB Whatsapp, as reported by OtherWhatsapp

Now, let’s start digging into a little bit of setting these menu options from top to bottom so you can understand the real difference in GB from the standard version.

gb whatsapp apk download - gb whatsapp apk download

GB WhatsApp has many privacy settings

Perhaps the most appreciated feature of GB WhatsApp is the feature that allows you to hide different types of information about your WhatsApp profile activity. With this application, you can hide whether you see someone’s status, a blue tick that indicates if you have read a message, a second tick that indicates that the message has been sent and a status that indicates that you are typing a message.

The GB WA feature also includes the ability to hide chats or lock them. Better yet, you can even put a passcode in the app so that no one can open it without your permission. In response to a question why someone uses the app, someone commented on our Facebook page that they are using it because of the privacy settings that GB WhatsApp has.

This gives you a better WhatsApp experience

Another great thing that people love about this app is the amount of control it gives them. For example, GB WhatsApp displays a variety of special themes for application display. You can also change the color of the actual application icon and notification icon. Speaking of controls, you have the option to keep yourself online for a full 24 hours but beware your battery may run out quickly.

In addition, you can create your own custom themes instead of using the predefined ones. If you also want to share it with others, then you can send it to Whatsapp GB and it will probably be added to the list of themes included with the application.

Another GB WhatsApp feature that makes the experience unique is the ability to copy other people’s status to your clipboard , no copy of date and name when copying multiple messages, you can also get alerts if your friends have changed their profile picture or if they are already online . Some may find it a bit creepy, but for some, it is convenient because they don’t have to constantly check when their friend is online for a conversation that might require their full attention.

Send more and write more with GB WhatsApp

Most of us just want to do more with the applications we use and sometimes they limit us. Using this app, you can not only send more but you can also write more. GB WhatsApp has the ability to broadcast messages up to 600 people at once and send up to 90 images in one click instead of 30 images.

Apart from the increased limit on the size of the video files you can send, you can also write a status of 255 characters which is more than the official WhatsApp. Group names also have more characters they can store.

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