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Gable vs Hip Roof: What Are the Differences?

Humans have been building homes with gable roofs as far back as ancient Greece. This means that gable roof designs have been around for over 2,000 years. With a lifespan this long, it’s safe to assume that this style is reliable.

However, this doesn’t mean that a gable roof is the right choice for you. When comparing this design with its close cousin, the hip roof, there are a lot of advantages one has over the other.

Are you thinking of getting a new roof? Read on to get a comparison between a gable vs hip roof and learn which one may be right for you.

What Is a Gable Roof?

When roofers construct gable roofs on homes, they build two sections that match the exterior wall below in design and slope. The only difference is that this wall is triangle-shaped.

On top of this triangle, they place two squarish or rectangular sections that meet at the highest point. These sections slope down away from this point until they cover the home below. The roofers then cover these sides in the desired roofing material (shingles, clay tiles, etc.).

What Is a Hip Roof?

When roofers construct this style of roof, they make four identical or nearly identical sections. They then place these together so that they all meet at the highest point. The two edges on either side of these sections meet with those of its neighbors.

The result is a shape that looks more like a pyramid than a triangle. In addition, the roofers cover all four sections in the desired roofing material.

Gable vs Hip Roof Guide

Are you thinking of contracting a roofing company to build you a new roof and can’t choose between a gable or hip style? Try looking up the climate in your local area. If your area experiences strong winds frequently, a hip roof is a much better choice.

As any accurate gable roof guide will tell you, this style of roof’s one weakness is a strong wind. This can get up under the eaves of a gable roof and then rip the entire sloped section off. Hip roofs do not experience this issue.

If your area doesn’t experience stronger winds, you can benefit from a gable roof in a few ways. Between the gable and hip styles, the former is usually the cheaper and faster build. Gable roofs also offer a homeowner more attic space than a hip roof.

If you have the money, however, you may want to choose a hip roof. Many experts consider it the more beautiful choice.

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In sum, the better choice between gable vs hip roof mostly depends on your local weather situation. If that’s not an issue, your choice depends on time, money, and aesthetics.

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