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Furniture Moving and Storage Services in Vancouver

You have just bought a house or you have agreed on a new apartment. Perhaps in a different country than the one you are in now. You have a compromise that is beautiful and ready. A precise date by which you will have to leave your current home and you find yourself having to do. Now the most useful but tiring thing that happens in these cases.

If you like luxury, you have a relative with a free and spacious garage where you can arrange your furnishings (furniture and everything else) while waiting for the new home to available. But in most cases, it is all about hoping to find a deal with the new owners and the old ones to able to do everything on the same day with built-in headaches.

Often, however, for various reasons such as work commitments or work that must start by certain dates. This is not possible and therefore it is necessary to use a solution that is both simple and within everyone’s reach. Use mobile storage.

What is furniture moving and storage?

In practical terms, these are spaces of different volumes that can rent for periods ranging from 1 day to months up to the whole year, in which to stow your furniture. These spaces are however closed by shutters and are located in suitable structures. Generally, huge warehouses where we find different deposits based on the necessary volume.

Our removals company has its furniture warehouse in Vancouver. And in addition, we provide customers with closed American boxes, to ensure maximum safety against natural events, dust, humidity, and the risk of confusing a customer’s furniture with those of another.

How does the furniture moving and storage work?

The operation is quite simple. You rent a space, you transport the furniture to the store, you close the shutter. When needed, they go to take them to their new home.
Many moving companies also offer furniture storage as part of their services. Times and methods obviously vary according to company policies and the volume needed.

One thing to consider is that the costs of these deposits become lower if they are rented for longer periods. Virtually a few days have a higher cost than, for example, a month’s rent.

Practical advice

The best thing is to turn to professionals in the sector, that is, to moving companies like ours that also have a furniture storage service. Ask them for advice, evaluate the budgeted expenditure and you will have access to a disassembly, transport, temporary storage service in a warehouse (the deposit) where your furniture will be safe. When the day comes when you have your new home free, they will transport and reassemble all your furniture.

The things to watch out for are timing and make sure the temporary storage locations are moistureproof and have fire protection systems. All things you can ask directly to the company you choose for the move.

The storage of your furniture for a move allows you not to tire yourself and do not worry unnecessarily about delivery time (old and new housing) sure you will be treated better. You will not have to go crazy asking relatives and friends for a favor, not even to run like crazy on trips on trips personally with your own car. You will see that you will spend a fortune on fuel and effort) and you will certainly not get stressed in the attempt. To coordinate private and working life with the move.

Trusted movers at your service!

I have to move, but I don’t have time. Who can I entrust my things to? To the trusted mover
When you need to move and you don’t have time to organize and materially follow the various activities related to this delicate operation. You need to rely on a trusted company specialized in removals.

The choice of the mover is not easy. Because there are many operators on the market that offer more or less similar services and rates and it is necessary to identify the one that best suits our needs.

The mover “first of all” must respond to a fundamental requirement to support the customer in this delicate phase of life: trust.

When we move house, not only furniture and objects are moved, in a certain sense a part of our life is “moved” with the consequent emotional load that follows.

So let’s see together how to move to make the right choice both from a practical and a psychological point of view.

Rule number one: no rush!

Take some time and carefully evaluate the various movers without being overwhelmed by the anxiety of quickly completing this difficult task or delegating the choice to other people. The time you “take” at the beginning to identify the most suitable partner for the move will then “save you time and money” when all the moving operations proceed smoothly without hitches or delays.

Rule number two:

Carefully evaluate the services that the moving company offers you
Prepare a list of the services you need and carefully consider the following factors:

Flexibility is very important:

The company must offer services that adapt to the individual needs of each customer and are reshaped and optimized at each step.

Communication must be quick and thorough at all stages of the move:

So let them tell you who your contact person will be and how you can contact them at any time.

The accuracy of the estimate that is proposed to you is ensured only by a technical inspection:

The efficient planning of the move must take into account the furniture to move. The exit routes from the house, the possibility of reaching your home employing transport. The permits that you have to ask the municipal administration to occupy public land and so on.

The personal goods packaging service carried out directly by the mover guarantees the use of suitable boxes and the correct conservation of fragile objects or valuables. If your new home is not ready and you need to store your assets in the short or long term. Make sure the mover has safe and suitable storage facilities available.

The quote must present on the company’s letterhead and includes all the services offered with the related costs.

Call our moving company in Vancouver. Choose the furniture storage. We will do all the work.


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