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From Storage To Something Else: 7 Ways To Convert A Granny Flat

Did you build a granny flat (also known as an ancillary dwelling) to have an extra storage room? It must have been a wise decision to add a room for stuff that you no longer need. With that, you can use the space in your house for the more important things. However, it comes to a time when you just need to declutter, and get rid of the things in your storage room.

It’s one of the good sides of installing granny flats. They provide a home for people and things that depends on what you need. In addition, you can also choose if you want them attached or detached from your main property.

However, if you like to convert a granny flat from a storage room to something more useful, then you should! After all, can serve a better purpose than just being a storage, and you might not have enough things to store.  


If you’ve been using your granny flat as storage, and want to do something more productive to it, then you should check the list below!

1. Home office

You can turn your current granny flat into a home office since a lot of jobs are now home-based. However, if you don’t work at home, then it’s still a good option so that you’ll have enough space whenever you want to work overtime.

On the other hand, if you have kids, they can use this space as a study room. That way, they won’t need to study in their bedrooms which can lessen the possibility of sleeping instead of studying.

It’s also a good conversion idea because granny flats are entirely separated from the main house so you can concentrate while you study or work. So whether your granny flat is attached or not, you can still work as if you’re not at home.

2. Room for rent

What to make a little more money with your spare flat? Then turn it into a rental space. If you want it to be a room for rent type of space, you can add some furniture and decorations to make it more warm and homey. Who knows, this business idea might turn into an apartment complex, and be the main source of your income!

It’s a great investment to have a room for rent because travellers get attracted to renting a space where they can have privacy. Just make sure that there’s contact between you and the renters, and get your flats registered (as an Airbnb or local stay house) so that you won’t have to face some problems in the future.

3. Poolhouse

Do you own a pool? Another alternative is to turn your granny flat into a pool house! It might seem a bit like being storage, but this time, the things in there are all specifically for pool use. You can keep there your pool cleaning tools and equipment, inflatables, and toys.

Of course, you’ll need to add a shower area so that you won’t have to go back inside your house when you finished swimming. It’s also a good idea if you often have guests who love to swim.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about having a messy pool area because everything is stored safely, and others won’t be able to steal your stuff. You can also let the kids explore the field without worrying they may encounter any hazardous tools.

4. Game room

Whether you have kids who love to mess up the whole house or you just want a quiet surrounding while enjoying your video game, a game room is a good alternative to your storage room.

As mentioned a while ago, granny flats are separated from the main house so having a game room would be awesome. Aside from your electronic games like Play Station or Wii, you can also add a billiard pool, foosball table, and some old arcade game machines. You can add a refrigerator, comfort room, and sink and you can “lead a bachelor life”.

5. Hobby room

Do you want to start a new hobby, or do you just want to take your current one to the next level? Then you can turn your old granny flat/ storage room to do your hobbies. Add some tables, decors, and tools to help you in channelling the creative version of yourself.

Additionally, you can install some light that will help you see what are you working on. For example, if your hobby is playing instruments then you won’t need to add lights that are too bright. Just simple and standard light will do.

6. Gym

As much as possible, don’t add too much stuff if you’ve decided to convert the room into a gym. Of course, your workout equipment and tools are important so you should add a rack that can handle them. You can have enough space to lay your yoga mat down and do some stretching.

Meanwhile, if you have heavier equipment such as a weightlifting bench and treadmill, then those might occupy a lot of space. However, you can allot a corner where you can do your warm-up and cool down.

In addition, you can install a life-size mirror to monitor your posture, and add some posters on the wall to encourage you to keep going.

7. Guest room

Do you usually have guests coming into your house? If they can’t travel right away, then you should offer them a place to stay. If you convert your storage into a guest room, they will enjoy their privacy even if they had to stay at your home.

Don’t add too much stuff so that there’s still room for their baggage. However, you should make the place as comfortable as possible as if you’re the one who’s coming for a sleepover.  


Now, you have some ideas on how you’re going to convert your storage space into something you thought you didn’t need before. It’s time to plan for your design and enjoy the whole process. Don’t forget to share with us your preferred room transformation by leaving a comment below!    


About the Author: Aliana Baraquio currently writes for Cubbit’s Granny Flats Australia, a family-owned-and-operated business that delivers Granny Flats and Home Extensions for customers in over 25 years across NSW and ACT. She also loves interior designing and home makeovers.

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