FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online: Science, Commerce, Arts

For the three streams of Class 12th, VidyaSetu provides the best CBSE the CBSE Class 12 Online Classes. Vidya Setu is an effective online education platform where free online classes are provided to aspiring candidates. All the chapters are explained very nicely by the subject experts at VidyaSetu in a very interactive way. 

 The classes are comprehensive and with details, the important points are illustrated in the videos lectures. The students find it simple to watch the videos and grasp the concepts. Online classes are in super trend these days as it offers many conveniences to the students. FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online prove to be beneficial for every stream’s students.

CBSE Class 12 Online Classes are not less than a boon for the students with high ambitions of scoring good marks. The online tutorials teach with expertise and make the students score outstanding marks in the examinations.

Streams and Subjects Offered at VidyaSetu 

Vidya Setu provides online coaching for three main streams which are- Science, Commerce, and Arts. For each of the stream, the exceptional and appropriate video lectures are conducted by the expert faculty of Vidya Setu. The subjects offered at the Vidya Setu for class 12th are illustrated below:-

Science Subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English

Commerce Subjects

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • English 
  • Physical Education
  • Entrepreneurship

Arts Subjects

  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • English

Benefits of Studying Online for all Subjects

Online Studies have lots of advantages. First of all, one can easily access the data from being in any part of the world. One can enjoy the informational videos by simply being at home in the comfort zone. The different subjects can be analyzed and studied with full concentration. 

With online classes, it becomes easy for the students to grasp the topics as visual memories are the strongest memories. So the students are able to recognize and remember the important topics very well. There is no need to physically visit the classes as with online lectures one can virtually attend the lectures.

Benefits of study through videos and view of VidyaSetu on it

  • It is difficult for the human brain to retain the words as they are abstract. While the visuals are concrete and a completely different learning experience is provided through the online lectures. 
  • The Visuals possess learning tools that are much effective. They comprise icons, figures, concept maps, photos, sketches, symbols, and illustrations.
  • With the CBSE NCERT video lectures, 24/7 accessibility to the course material is provided.
  • Logical and difficult topics can be learned in an easy way.
  • Students will be able to remember a long time about the visual description of the problem.
  • One simply requires little knowledge of the mobile/computer technology basics. With online lectures, one can learn things quickly and at a fast pace.

Extra Benefits of Registering With VidyaSetu

Vidya Setu provides the FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online. The site ranks at the top of the CBSE Online Coaching for Class 12th for so many reasons. The extra features which make Vidya Setu online classes preferred by every student are as follows:-

  • Updated Syllabus– The updated syllabus is provided at the Vidya Setu site. The CBSE Class 12 Online Coaching comes with a revised and latest syllabus. This material is prepared after hours of research work on all the mandatory topics.
  • Sample Question Papers: The extra sample question papers are provided by the Vidya Setu so that the students can practice more and more.
  • Proper NCERT Solutions or Notes: Vidya Setu provides the proper Ncert solutions and useful notes. For every subject, the best faculty is there at Vidya Setu who dedicated prepare simplified notes for the students.
  • Recorded HD-Quality Videos: Vidya Setu to its aspiring candidates provides awesome HD-quality videos that help the students to understand the key concepts in a better way. The FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online prove much helpful as any topic is very well illustrated in the HD videos.
  • Online Mock Test Series: Regular commencement of the Online Mock Test Series is there for the students dealing with VidyaSetu.Through these tests, the students can acknowledge their positive and negative points. Students can deeply evaluate themselves with consistent practice of these tests.


We see that the CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online for free are provided by the Vidya Setu site for streams-Science, Commerce, and Arts. Students can attend the free of cost lectures much comfortably. The student’s concentration and skills get improved after witnessing the valuable subject lectures. The online classes serve as a great benefit for the students of any stream. One can rely completely on the online classes as they specifically explain each and every topic.

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