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Food Walking Tour for Foodies

If you are planning to visit places like Mathura, Agra, Delhi, and Vrindavan you can be excited not only about the tourist spots that are of religious importance and are considered as pilgrimage sides but you have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful and toothsome delicacies from the streets of Mathura and Vrindavan both. You might get some of the things in other parts of India also, but the quality and taste available over here are different enough to bring you here again and again. Let us know about them one by one so that you have the list ready with you when you go to visit delhi agra mathura vrindavan by car if you are a food lover now it is your time to visit these amazing cities of India and try delicious foods with food walking tour.

Samosa – Kachori

It might be the easiest thing available in many parts of India, but the taste and quality served in Mathura are absolutely different and delicious. They are extremely crispy with a number of spices for every kind of palate. Whether one is a foreigner or an Indian and belongs to any part of the country, there is no possibility to not like the samosa kachori made up in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Makhan Mishri

As we all know Lord Krishna was fond of eating Makhan at any point of the day and he was also known for stealing it from his own house; you will be able to enjoy the authentic taste and nutrition of white butter with Mishri cubes mixed with it in Mathura. It is very tasty and healthy. If you are fasting while on the visit to Mathura and Vrindavan, it is the best diet to be consumed. It is very heavy and a dairy product. You will never be able to forget the taste and you can remain healthy throughout your life if you continue to eat it even if you come back home after the tour.

White Peda

White Peda is a sweet dish that is available in different sizes, colors, and flavors. It is very famous and is often offered to Lord Krishna as Ambrosia or Prasad. It is available everywhere in Mathura and Vrindavan. Its texture is creamy and hydrated. It is awesome in taste with a blend of Mawa and sugar. There is a dry fruit at the top of it to make it look more beautiful and nutritious. It is not possible to not have it at all when you visit any of these places because even if you don’t buy it, it will come to you as Ambrosia when you visit any of the religious places.

Ghevar or Ghewar

Ghevar is another sweet dish served in Mathura. It is not only served alone, but it is a combination of dry fruits and rabdi. It is best for you if you have a sweet tooth and if you are looking for something different in sweets. It is not extra sweet, but the content of sugar is perfect whether you like sweets or not. It not only looks very beautiful but also delicious. You cannot resist to eat it even if you go to Mathura while being on the same day agra tour by car.

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