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Epson Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Troubleshooting Tips

The Epson printer not connecting to WiFi is an issue that usually occurs when the printer drivers are not updated. It can also occur when the printer is not within the range of the network. 

If you have an Epson printer that is not connecting to your wireless network then you have come to the right place. This article will give you access to the best tips and tricks that will help with these problems.

If you see the network protect by a password, the computer will not be able to access the printer until and unless you put in the right password. 

Epson printer is one of the best printers out there and it is being used in schools, offices, colleges, and mostly everywhere else. There are times when you can face some issues such as Epson printer offline.

Well, do not worry as we are here to take care of you. We will provide you with a guide that will help in tackling the issue. As soon as your Epson Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi, you can get some helpful troubleshooting tips by referring to this article.

If you have any issues or an issue with your printer like not starting up, paper jamming, wireless network problem, hardware issues, software issues, etc., take a look at this article. Here we will discuss how to resolve the problem.

Let us figure out some of the reasons why are facing these issues. 

Reasons for the Epson Printer not Connecting to WiFi:

  • The Wi-Fi password might have been incorrect.
  • The printer is trying to connect with the Wi-Fi network by using the old Wi-Fi profile. 
  • When the network connection is weak, then it will result in this issue.
  • The printer is going to need a firmware upgrade 
  • When the firewall is blocking the printer and is not allowing it to join the network. 

These are some of the causes that might cause the issue to persist. Well, if you are looking to resolve these issues, you need to follow our troubleshooting guide. 

Some pointers before troubleshooting guide:

  • Make sure that the Epson printer is close to the Wi-Fi router or the extender so that there is no loss of connection. 
  • Make sure that you are confident of the password entered. 
  • Also, ensure the router is broadcasting the best Wi-Fi signals. 
  • Then go to the WLAN settings on the Epson printer and then check the signal quality of the Wi-Fi. 

Troubleshooting steps for the Epson Printer not Connecting to WiFi:

Factory resetting the WLAN settings:

When the Epson printer is not connecting with the Wi-Fi network after resetting the wireless period, then the printer might just try to reconnect itself to the Wi-Fi using the old password.

Well, what you should do in this case is that reset the WLAN settings on the printer by following the steps below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to power on the Epson machine and then wait until you get a home screen on it. 
  • After that press the setup button that is available on the fax button. In some printers, it can be present a different place. 
  • Well, you need to look for restoring the default settings option and then press on it. 
  • Now you require to press the reset network settings and then click yes on the prompt window. 

When you see once the reset network gets completed, you must return to the home screen by pushing the home button. Now you are required to reconnect the Epson wireless printer to the Wi-Fi. 

If the issue still persists, then you must follow the next step. 

Interference caused by the other devices:

If the other devices Turn on which place near to your printer, then they can prevent it from connecting it to the network. If the wireless devices are trying to connect with the same network, then the network is going to become congested. 

Well, as a result, the printer won’t be able to connect with a network connection. What you need to do is to shift to another network that has a good signal strength. Check for the connections available and then select other connections. 

After that reconnect the printer with the computer and then check whether you are able to use it with the internet or not. 

Reconfiguring the Epson printer: 

If you find out that the IP of the printer is not matching with the IP of the network, then you are bound to face the Epson Printer is Not Responding issue. In order to fix it, you would have to reconfigure the Epson printer and then fix the issue. 


The first thing that you need to do is to open the network settings and then see if the IP address of the printer.

Open the control panel and then click on the devices and printers and after that select the printer and then uninstall it. 


After that, you can choose the devices and printers from the start menu and then click on add a printer. After that press the option of adding a local printer tat in the add a printer wizard. 


When you see a new window opening, you need to make sure that the option of recommending a printer port and using an existing port will selected. Well, you have to click on the option of next in order to go to the printer’s driver page. 


Then select the manufacturer and the model number of the printer and then press next again.

If you are not able to find your printer model in the list, then you have to choose the windows update option in order to let the windows check for the additional drivers.


When windows are going to find the right drivers, you need to click on the install button.

Make sure to restart both the computer and the printer in order to make sure that you are not facing the issue of the Epson Printer not Connecting to WiFi anymore!

These are some of the troubleshooting steps which will help you in resolving this issue. If you are still facing it and are helpless, then our experts from Epson Printer Offline will guide you with the best resolution! 

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