Fitted Shirts for Women: When, Why and How to Wear

The way your clothes fit has a great impact on how you feel about yourself. Wearing a fitted outfit is likely to boost your look, comfort, and confidence. Therefore, fitted shirts for women are the best.

A shirt that fits well will emphasise good parts of the physique and flatter overall. It exudes professionalism, self-awareness and makes you feel good about yourself whenever you are leaving the house.

If you are looking for advice on women’s fitted shirts, you are in the right place.

What Exactly is a Fitted Dress Shirt?  

Simply put, a fitted shirt has a close to body cut. It is form-fitting to give an elegant, figure-flattering silhouette. The shirt has a formal aesthetic and is excellent for a business look, creating a sleek and trim appearance that accentuates the shape.

The fitted shirt often features darts in the back to taper the shirt and allow it to “hug” the body. It does conform to your body’s shape, while also allowing you space to breathe and move and it doesn’t add bulk to your frame. It compliments your physique in all the right places and makes you look and feel at your best.

How to Choose a Fitted Shirt?

Regardless of your shape and size, fitted dress shirt always looks flattering. Whereas it can certainly highlight a slim physique, it also looks sleek and smart on almost any body shape as long as the size is right.

Being on the larger size side does not mean that you should be concealing yourself under baggy, ill-fitting clothes that make you look a lot larger than you actually are. No matter your shape or size, you can find a figure-flattering fitted shirt if you keep a few pointers in mind.

Women’s fitted shirts are one of the trickiest clothing items to shop for. Choosing your size carefully is always important but even more so when it comes to fitted shirts because they fit so close to your body that there is little room for error. You don’t want to end up with a shirt that is too small, but you don’t want it to look baggy either.

In order to find a fitted shirt that fits well, you will want to know your measurements. You need your bust, waist and hips measurements do determine the size that will fit you best.

Once you know your measurements, remember to trust these! Sizing varies from brand to brand and your size in fitted shirts might not be the same one you’re used to wearing. It is not uncommon to need one or even two sizes larger in a fitted shirt.

A well-fitting shirt fits comfortably around the bust, under the armpits, and across the upper back, giving you a full range of motion. It will feel snug, but not too tight. Gaping buttons are a tell-tale sign that the shirt is too tight.

When to Wear a Fitted Shirt?

Overall, women’s fitted shirts are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. You can wear one every day of the week, in whichever style or colour.

A fitted shirt is an elegant garment and one of the best choices whenever you are out doing something where you might want to make a good first impression. It classes up almost every look and is perfect to wear with a suit, a pencil skirt or dress pants. It is an integral part of a classic office look that shows you mean business.

While fitted shirts are flattering and can create a rather formal look, there are also several ways to make them look more casual.

One way to make fitted shirts appear more casual is to incorporate different colours and patterned shirts into the wardrobe. Patterned shirts give an edgy, less formal look to any outfit. Another way to dress down a fitted shirt is wearing it with a blazer and jeans.

If you are looking for amazingly fitted shirts, I highly recommend taking a look at 5 ideas for women’s fitted business shirts one for each weekday. These high-quality women’s dress shirts are elegant and come in different fitted fits to suit women of different body shapes.

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