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Field of Journalism | What are Field of Journalism

Field of Journalism | What are Field of Journalism

Crime Journalism

The person who covers the daily events happening in the society like robbery, dacoity, murder, rape, kidnapping, accident etc. is called crime reporter. Crime reporter has an important role in the society. If he presents the wrong facts, then it can also cause great harm to the society. If the crime reporter respects his profession and dares to present the reality in front of the society, then he earns the reputation of fearless journalist.

The news of politics is very important for any newspaper.


Judicial Journalism

The news of the courts requires the utmost care.

Special care has to take while writing news of judicial proceedings.

Unless the charge against a person proved, he cannot be a criminal.

Therefore, while writing the news, keep in mind that it cannot write as a criminal.

The offender should record only when the offense proved after the verdict of the trial.

He can write an accused or accused till the crime is proved.

News can also be written on the basis of the report written before the trial, but the source must be mentioned in it. News can be written on the basis of complaints, allegations, arrests and legal papers.

sports journalism

At present, the interest of people towards sports has increased more. Due to this, only one or two pages of sports news are there in the major newspapers of the country. Most of the news in this is related to cricket. Apart from this, sports like hockey, football, judo, basketball, chess, athletics, shooting, badminton, swimming, skiing, horse racing, dog show are the main ones. The news related to which are published from time to time. Therefore, now the demand for sports journalists has increased in every newspaper and channel.

To become a successful sports journalist, it is most important to have an understanding of sports. Sports journalism is a kind of specialized journalism, so if a sports journalist does not have knowledge about the rules of sports, competitions etc., then he cannot report well. To become a good sports journalist, one has to develop an understanding of the vocabulary and language associated with sports.

literary cultural journalism

Whether an artist has come to the city, cultural programs are being held, theater activities, if you want to write on the work of a sculptor, then it is the work of an art and cultural reporter. The reporter of this beat has to maintain constant contact with cultural organizations, managers of auditoriums, people associated with the arts. It gives information about the programs organized from time to time.

Education Journalism

The news of university activities, campus bustle, information related to various courses etc. can be important news in this beat. Apart from this, the events organized in the schools are also news in themselves.

Apart from the new schemes of the Education Department, the way of their implementation, the meetings of teachers’ organizations and the news of their movements also continuously received by the reporter of Education Beat.

How is the condition of government schools? Is everything going well as per departmental standards? Apart from the education system of government schools, news can also make on the education system of private schools.

Children’s Journalism

In order to enhance the knowledge of the children as well as to entertain them, educative stories have to be written. Now some major newspapers keep publishing something for children once a week. It contains knowledge of science and technology. There are stories about animals. Health tips given. Through this, efforts made to give many world-class information to the children.

investigative journalism

Joseph Pulitzer, the editor of the American newspaper New York World, credited with introducing investigative journalism. Investigative journalism in the West still holds a great deal of importance. There is still a lot of potential for its further expansion in India.

development journalism

Journalism not focused only on limited subjects. Nai journalism is development journalism, which throws light on the aspects of holistic development related to social, economic, scientific, technological. Development journalism is based on development. Whether this development is of industry, medicine, science or any other field or human resource comes in this area. State governments even bring out letters to convey their development plans to the public. These plans also do through news.

Rural and Agricultural Journalism

Village world broadcast from All India Radio, agricultural world programs broadcast from Doordarshan and agriculture related magazines introduce us to rural and agricultural journalism. India is an agricultural country, about 70 percent of the population lives in the village and the maximum population of the village is dependent on agriculture.

India is an agricultural country, but despite the great development, till date the glimpse of backwardness is clearly visible in the villages. The voices of new consciousness and awakening and development of science in the villages can be reached here only through newspapers and magazines and mass media.

Science journalism

Today’s era is the age of science and technology. Science journalism is such a link that attracts people and connects human beings with science. Technology, landing on the moon by humans, success of unmanned spacecraft, means of energy, nutrition, health, education, transportation, house, protection of the environment, agriculture etc. are all related to science. Science-related news, collection of ideas, composition, writing, editing and presentation Science journalism

Benefits of reading newspaper

We can know the details of various events happening
anywhere in the world by studying the pages of the newspaper.

The newspaper provides information in a very short time

about various political events happening in different
countries, also natural calamities like floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes etc.

In addition, many articles, poems, novels and critiques
published on the literary pages of newspapers.

Also By reading them regularly, knowledge of language and literature develops.

This benefits also the general public, unemployed youth,
women and business groups in many ways.

Almost all newspapers have one or more pages for sports-related information only.

This develops knowledge related to sports and physical education.

Similarly, there are many benefits of reading newspapers.

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