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Few Things to Know If You Are Looking for Dating in Paris

When we talk about dating, the French will like to follow their own set of standards, which differ greatly from those of other European nations. As a foreigner, this will take some time to get used to, but it can also be a fun challenge. The French, believe it or not, do not frequently date Lovesita.

While cultural preconceptions may lead you to believe they are masters of seduction and romance, the truth is quite different. Generally, both men and women in France are self-assured and not scared to pursue their goals. However, their approach to dating is arguably less forceful than that of other cultures.

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Despite whatever you must have seen in various movies, dating or finding love in Paris is not as simple as waiting for your soulmate beneath the Eiffel Tower. It necessitates a little more effort. We suggest using bars and events to attend to hunt for your date.

The following are a few ways you can find your date in Paris.

  • Dating websites and apps

You can find many websites and apps in France and a growing number among both males and females are using them

  • Popular bars

Another very common and popular way of meeting your dates is in a certain popular bar.

  • Meetup groups

There are several clubs and organizations across the country that will cater to a different hobbies and interests. Quite a few of them are developed expressly for singles who may be interested in dating.

  • Within social circles 

Most French like to meet their prospective partners through friends or social circles.

A few things to know before you go for dating

Before you go dating in Paris you must learn a few basics of the French dating scenario. 

  • Body language and flirting

Women in France enjoy being appreciated for their wit and beauty. They may exaggerate their smiles, blush also, may laugh at any of your jokes. Flirting is regarded as quite a harmless game by French guys.

  • Play it cool 

Surprisingly, when coming to potential love matters, the French always prefer to retain at a cool distance. They may not look overly enthusiastic.

  • The first kiss

On a first date, French men, on average, do not initiate any form of physical contact. When they do, they will almost always ask permission first.

  • Splitting the bill

While talking about money will be frowned upon by most French people. Typically, the man is going to pay for dinner particularly on their first date, and subsequently, the lady may pay, however, splitting the bill would be considered tacky.

  • Acts of chivalry

Thankfully, chivalry is still alive in France. The hospitality and good manners of the French are well praised.

Hope this guide has been useful to you. Best of luck with finding your date in Paris!

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