Facts About Construction Dust Myths, You May Not Have Known

You must have seen a construction site around you. The site involves a lot of messy tasks along with large machinery and many workers working at the same time. Seeing an untidy construction site, you would not want to enter there. The use of bricks, sand, cement, and other material creates a lot of dust in the air. It sometimes bothers the people around the construction sites. When the remains of bricks, cement, sand, wood, and other grinding leftovers mix together, they create a dusty environment. This is basically air debris that may cause a lot of health issues as well. These dust particles are so tiny that they can easily enter your eyes and lungs through breathing. The construction hazards are not a hidden thing. Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has set regulatory precautions for the workers and for the construction site as well. These precautions are for the safety of the people and the environment.

On the other hand, a lot of myths related to the construction dust exist and people believe them blindly. Whereas the fact is not as it seems. In this article, we have tried to unveil the facts hidden behind the myths related to the construction dust.

Myth # 1: Every construction dust is the same

It is an understood fact that different materials release different kinds of particles. For example, bricks are made of mud and cement when it breaks down, they release mud particles. Cutting of wood, lumber, plywood, or fiberboard creates its own particles which are different from the bricks dust. Whereas, the demolition of the building through the used dozers for sale generates different kinds of dust at the same time. They often mix together to create more hazardous dust. Further, the use of heavy equipment in different tasks also releases fuel fumes that also count in dust and create health hazards.

Myth # 2: Construction Dust doesn’t cause health hazards

This is a very common myth, especially among construction workers. They think they have been immune to this dust and it will not cause any damage to them anymore. Well, it is not true. Construction dust is the combination of different chemicals as they come from different materials. When they enter the human body through breathing and inhaling, they may severely cause lung infection. Further, some chemicals are highly restricted to be touched as they may cause tissue inflammation in the body or skin damage. Although the construction dust is so tiny that it can’t be seen. But they still can cause serious damage to your health. It is suggested to keep yourself protected from this dust as much as you can.

Myth # 3: You cannot fix the problem of construction dust

Well, it is the weirdest myth one can ever hear. There is always a solution to the problem. Construction dust is indeed a gigantic problem but we can subtly solve the issue by following OSHA guidelines. The use of PPE is highly recommended for all the workers involved in construction jobs. Wearing the face mask during the job can save you from inhaling the particle up to the maximum level. To protect the eyes from the dust, always wear goggles and protective glasses. People who are not into the construction job may also get affected by the dust if they live around the site. It is suggested to keep the windows and doors closed and try not to come in contact with the construction site.

By following these simple precautions, you may limit the hazards that construction dust can cause.

Preventive Measures for the Construction Dust

The 100% prevention of construction dust is impossible. However, we can minimize the level of dust particles at the construction site up to a certain level.

These are some common practices that we can follow during the job.

  • Proper Ventilation in interior work

Ventilation is very necessary while working inside the building. The fumes and dust particles might be more hazardous in this kind of job. The particles will not get away to pass on and will stay inside the space for longer. Especially when working with woods, limber, and grinding of tiles, you must keep the area ventilated so that the particles may not stay longer inside the space. Demolition of the building from the inside also creates a lot of messy dust that pollutes the environment and makes it difficult for the worker to breathe properly. It is suggested to pair the task with a fan and ventilates the room as much as possible. Wearing PPE can also help in the direct effect of dust on the human body.

  • Constant cleaning of the site

The workspace maintenance is as necessary as your health. Because it has a direct effect on your body. If you will clean the work site constantly, then less mess will be gathered and will not create a fuss in the end. The constant cleaning of the site may help you a lot in keeping the space free from hazards, especially in small-scale projects. It is a little bit difficult to do it in larger projects. However, using a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, and air filters may be of great help while working inside the building. The use of a dust catcher on equipment can help in trapping the dust and reducing the level on the site.

  • Use of Water 

While doing demolition work, water can be a great option. It helps in controlling the dust on the construction sites as it settles down the particle and prevents them to blow in the air. You can also use water during the Masonry and rock drilling works. Constant spraying of water is recommended during these jobs. The large truck coupled with the used dozers for sale is a good option in the larger demolition projects to continuously spray. It will help the dust keep down and the environment free from hazardous fumes.

  • Monitoring of dust level

Different air quality monitors are available to regularly monitor the level of dust in the air. This is the responsibility of the supervisor and contractors. the monitors also create data that help the contractors in analyzing the level and managing on time. Every larger project must be equipped with these dust monitors.

Closing Note

Construction dust is a serious problem that needs quick attention as it causes health hazards. The job site is full of activities that release tons of dust. Every dust release from the material is different. It is a myth that we can not manage the problem. However, there are a lot of options that we can use to limit the problem as the 100% prevention of dust is impossible. In this article, we have discussed some common myths and facts related to construction dust. Whereas, some basic prevention tips are also shared to help reduce the level of dust on the construction site.

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