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If you are in the business world or making money through any profession, you know the importance of email. One of the best applications for email service is Gmail. It has millions of active users due to no charges and effective management. But, if you look for a method to bulk export Gmail emails to PDF, you may end up with nothing useful. However, then also you can export Gmail email messages in PDF Adobe quickly and securely. But before that, let’s take a look at the PDF file prime function.

  1. When exporting Gmail emails to PDF files, you can access the desktop, mobile, laptop, and other offline devices.
  2. Make use of PDF files in any Operating System such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.
  3. You can password–protect your PDF files from putting double security on your data.

Now, coming to the blog’s principal motive and guiding you on the best ways to export Gmail folder to PDF without any glitch.

Two Primary Ways to Export Gmail emails to PDF Files – Manual and Automatic

Tutorial 1: Firstly, we will give you insight into a manual method that someone rarely chooses to export emails from Google account to PDF due to limitations. Let’s see the steps.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Choose an email that you want to export in a PDF file. Go to three dots in the extreme right.
  3. Click on the Print option in the list.
  4. Now, select save as PDF in the destination. Next, go to the save option in the window.
  5. Specify a location to get export Gmail email to PDF results in your system.
  6. In some time, you will get Gmail email export to PDF. You can open and share it with anyone.

What Should You Know Before Going With the Method?                                          

You may think that the manual solution is an easy one for exporting emails from Gmail to PDF. But this is not the whole truth. The above-mentioned lacks in many situations and comes with several limitations that are listed below.

  1. The manual method implies an individual Gmail email, and if you want to do it for 100 Gmail emails, you get exhausted. It is very time-consuming and takes much of your system space.
  2. If the attachment is as essential to email, then it won’t work. The above method doesn’t export Gmail emails to PDF with attachments.
  3. You may also lose the originality and structure of the email using the manual approach.

What do we Recommend for Exporting Bulk Gmail to PDF with Attachments ?

As you have already witnessed the manual method’s limitation to export Gmail emails to PDF, we suggest trying an automatic solution. It not only gets you 100% results but also a team of experts to assist you. Use the Gmail Backup Tool, the top-ranked solution to migrate the Gmail folder to PDF with total precision. It has many in-built abilities that make the whole process of exporting emails from Gmail to PDF a quick one.
One of the best things to know is that it is certified as virus-free and thoroughly tested. It is a scalable application that any non-technical, expert, individual, or project manager can for Gmail to PDF export process. In the section below, a complete tutorial mentioned exporting bulk Gmail to PDF at fast speed.

Here’s How to Export Multiple Gmail emails to PDF Format in 4 Steps

Tutorial 2:  What do you need?
To continue with an automatic and professional solution to export Gmail folder to PDF files, you may take care of the following things:-

  1. Correct and valid credentials to Login Gmail account, or else you may face an error.
  2. System requirements are Hard disk space of 48.7 MB with a minimum of 64MB of RAM.
  3. The software can export Gmail to PDF on Windows 10 and below version.
  4. A free trial of the software is available that anyone can use to export 25 emails from Gmail account to PDF without any payment.

Step-by-step tutorial to Bulk Export Gmail Emails to PDF Files

  • Start the software and fill credentials of your Gmail account and click on Login to continue.


(Pay Attention: – If you want to export multiple Gmail users’ accounts, please check the use batch mode. It is specially designed for numerous Gmail accounts email export directly.)

  • Now, select the folder to export Gmail email to PDF files in the window.


  • Click on PDF as the file saving and specify your system’s location as the destination path for the outcome.


  • Check file naming fields and select if any are required. Next, click on the Backup button.


In this way, in four simple steps, you can export Gmail emails to PDF files with attachments. It is a complete and safe method to export multiple Gmail emails in PDF files.

Some Special Powers to You

If you use the software to export Gmail emails to PDF format, you will get some additional features.

Select the required Gmail folder for the export process: –After you Login into your Gmail account using the software, complete files, and folders listed in the window. You can select as per the requirement and save time.

Use the Filter option to sort Gmail emails: –If you want to clear Gmail emails based on date, time, subject, and more, click on the Filters option in the software window and use it.

Simplified and Straightforward process: –With Gmail to PDF export tool, you will not face any difficulty when exporting Gmail folders in PDF files with attachments.

Easily export multiple Gmail accounts to PDF: –The special mode offered by software “Use Batch Mode” helps you export emails from several Gmail user account to PDF easily.

Maintains originality of emails:- Using the professional solution, you need not worry about email attributes such as body, signature, headers, date, time, or any other fields preserved.

The Conclusion

We hope your search for a solution to export Gmail emails to PDF ended after reading the above-detailed guide. The two tutorials for exporting emails from Google account in PDF files are complete and safe to use. The choice is yours for manual and automatic methods. In case of any concern, land on our live chat anytime.

Useful link- How to import EML files to Gmail account

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