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Everything You Wanted to Know About Mitered Edge Granite Countertops

If you are looking for the best and affordable kitchen countertops, mitered granite is perhaps the best choice. Mitered granite countertops are a great choice. If you are not looking for some expensive decisions, they will work best for your home. Moreover, granite is already a leading choice in the market. For the last many years, changes in designs and styles are the main reasons behind opting for mitered granite countertops.

Undoubtedly granite has gone through many complex changes. Furthermore, due to its flawless nature, homeowners and designers love this choice.

You need to know about certain essential things about mitered edge granite countertops. So, without adding any further delay, let’s start.

Mitered edge granite countertops

If you are expecting a kitchen remodel in the coming years, consider miter edge granite kitchen countertops. Countertops and kitchen tables with sharp edges look more beautiful than simple ones. These unique edges will serve as the focal point of your kitchen. Here the real game starts.

Mitered edge granite countertops

Mitered granite countertop is a shift from simple ones. These are made of thick slabs. Perhaps they have a cutting at 45 degrees and proper fabrication. All the veining patterns are visible at the edges. Moreover, these are a perfect choice for a contemporary twist.

Why should you have mitered edge granite countertops?

Mitered granite kitchen countertops add an elegant and expensive look to your kitchen. Either it’s a professional kitchen or a home one, you can have these countertops. These countertops have thick slabs. They are flawless. All the slabs have a perfect fabrication. You can see any seams. It has a great impression on the visitors.

Instead of many minor cuts, this is one large slab. Besides having a luxurious look, these countertops are stylish. Perhaps they are a perfect addition to modern and contemporary homes. Moreover, there are no visible joints or breaks through the entire structure. Since the miter edge is the main attraction so now, you can easily upgrade your home.

Even if you haven’t designed the rest of your house, incorporating a mitered edge to a washbasin, table, bar, or countertop will instantly update the aesthetic of your interiors. Moreover, Maintenance isn’t challenging. Unlike the other types, you can use these countertops to depict your matchless taste and personality accurately.

Some important considerations

Although, you have some clear ideas about mitered granite countertops. But, still, there are some critical considerations.

  • Mitered granite kitchen countertops are heavier than the others. The slabs are relatively thicker.
  • For these kitchen countertops supporting cabinetry needs to be more durable. Moreover, underlying cabinets with more thickness can easily hold the heavier slabs.
  • Mitered countertops can easily dent your wallet. They are not only expensive but also have high installation costs.
  • As compared to traditional kitchen countertops, they are elegant as well as sophisticated.
  • These kitchen countertops need extra care and attention. In the case of mitered granite countertops, you cannot expect easy upkeep.

Buying cost

Unlike, squared edge mitered edge costs you more. So be ready to spend a handsome amount. Undoubtedly thin granite slabs are the least expensive. But in the case of mitered edge, granite thickness is far more than usual choices. All the sides have equal and exemplary thicknesses. For instance, if all the sides are not evenly thick but maximum, you have to pay more.


Besides buying cost, mitered granite slabs have a high installation cost as well. It, in return, depends on the cabinetry choices. If your kitchen cabinets are not of high quality, don’t buy the thicker slabs and vice versa.

Thicker slabs will support the high-end and high-quality kitchen cabinets. Unquestionably mitered granite countertops make your kitchen extraordinary, but overhead charges will resist you in opting for these slabs.


Mitered edge granite countertops are a perfect option. However, these granite countertops work exceptionally in both modern and contemporary kitchens. Now you can easily upgrade your kitchen efficiently. Perhaps they are a timeless choice. Granite kitchen countertops make your kitchen interior incredible.

Last but not least, mitered edge granite is one of my favorite choices. Homeowners and designers are leaning towards this option. Moreover, it’s the best choice for bathroom vanities as well.

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