Everything You Need to Know About Safe Cracking Service

The Bonnie and Clyde, Score, Rifi, and the Thief! What is one thing that all these four films have in common? They all have some of the best safe cracking moments ever seen in a movie. How does secure safe cracking service work in the real world? Is this what it looks like in the movies? Our locksmiths have their say.

The thrill of Safe Cracking Service

Most people first learn about safe cracking from the movies, where robbers break into a bank and crack the code in less than 10 seconds only by putting their ear on the safe.

The reality of safe cracking is that it isn’t as simple or as spectacular as it is portrayed in the movies. Even so, breaking into your house safe to retrieve your valuables that are locked inside can be very thrilling. Breaking the unknown code into the safe is thrilling, but it’s more akin to solving a Rubik’s Cube problem than skydiving.

Is it possible to crack my safe?

Yes, every safe on the planet can be cracked. No matter how much its makers disagree, every safe has its flaws. When you think about it, this argument makes a lot of sense, because if the safe was designed by human intelligence, a competent expert should be able to figure out that by actually thinking about it as a better- How to unlock a quality safe. Once it is clear that there is a weakness in a safe, we will be able to target that weak spot and sneak into the safe if we can pinpoint it.

When it comes to opening safes, professional locksmiths use some of the most expensive specialized tools on the market. These programs can save you a lot of time and make safe cracking much easier. Some people will use a lot of force to open the safe.

Manipulation of a Lock to Open a Safe

It is one of the best-known safe cracking techniques that has been depicted in Hollywood movie scripts over the years. It refers to a secure combination recovery that does not harm as well as the use of unique bypass procedures to unlock the safe. While this may seem a simple process, it takes years to learn and even longer to perfect, despite the fact that it does not require the use of any sophisticated equipment.

Lock manipulation

Lock manipulation is a technique that can be used with success on Group 2 secure locks. On the other hand, group 1 locks can be easily modified in the same way. By carefully manipulating the lock using specified techniques, each number in the opening combination must be obtained in the correct order. Locksmiths should focus on identifying any weaknesses found inside the lock and working around them to find the right combination. They will be able to recover all the secure combination numbers that you may have forgotten and will be able to unlock the safe for you using correct lock manipulation techniques.

A computer-based auto safe dialer or a component of a manipulation robot can also be used. Despite the fact that recent years have brought us more effective lock bypass software and tools that use advanced robotics to greatly reduce processing times, this operation can still take more than 24 hours. It is also possible to replicate human safety lock operations with the help of these gadgets. To do this, you will need to feel and measure the mechanical motions that a professional locksmith will make using your sight, touch, and hearing. The lock must be used against itself to measure any internal motion with each new number dialed.

If you have lost or forgotten the lock combination of your safe, this method is most effective as it does not cause any damage. However, due to the unique shape of the wheels and the location of the gates’ rest in relation to the wheels, this can be a time-consuming task. Professional locksmiths can manipulate combination locks more quickly and easily by using a variety of advanced tools.

Safe Combination Guessing Technique

When trying to guess the correct opening combination, a safe can sometimes be easily opened. Since most safe manufacturers provide their own set of test combinations for early access, a locksmith or safe owner can review and test factory combinations.

A safe master will almost always use an easy-to-guess combination to learn it more quickly. The most common combinations that can be checked first are the date of birth and the driver’s license number.

Safe Drilling Methods With Weak Points

Using guessing or manipulating tactics, a complex vault is more difficult to unlock. Each safe model has its own unique schematic or specification, which is nearly impossible to find unless you are the manufacturer or authorized locksmith. If you have a high-security safe that requires breaking point drilling. We have unfettered access to diagrams for all brands and types of safes, and we specialize in a full range of safe drilling and cutting solutions.

This is why most drill points on the lock are located along the dial axis. On the other hand, observation may require drilling from above, sideways, or behind. The lock technician will then attempt to move the dial to align the gate so that the fence falls off and the bolt separates.

Breaking Modern Safes Again With Lockers

The temperature of a safe plasma cutter or thermal lance can typically reach 3,990 °F, much higher than the temperature of most conventional oxyacetylene torches. 

For example, other safe cracking service methods of crooks include peeling or punching a safe to gain quick access. Brisbane devised the punching method, while peeling is a unique safe cracking process that refers to the removal of the outer “skin” of the safe.

The Methodology Used in Films

So, when those criminals in the movies hear their vault, what are they really doing? What they’re really doing is pretending to find out the length of the combination by listening for the clicks of the lock dial. You don’t need a lot of equipment to try this approach at home. Now all you have to do is listen to the clicks (preferably with a stethoscope) and record them on a chart. This will make it easier for you to locate the combination. This process will provide you with the desired results, but it will take some time to finish.

If you try it at home, get ready to be very patient!

If you try this process and find that you still need some help unlocking your locked or jammed safe, don’t worry. Our Safe Locksmith Services are available to help you with any safes you may have that need to be cracked.

Give us a call today if you need any safe cracking service or safe repair service for your home or office safe at extremely low pricing! Our accredited Safe Locksmith services are qualified and certified to open all types of safes, and our prices are competitive with other Brisbane Safe Service and Moving.

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